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Hidan no Aria Volume 11 Summary

Rating: 6 votes, 4.83 average.
And now for something completely (well, sort of) different to what I've posted before:

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Summary of latest Hidan no Aria light novel, Volume 11, done by me, if anyone's interested.
Hidan no Aria's a good read IMO, even with the classic formula of 'Tsundere, hot-headed girl as main character' and 'male protagonist being hopelessly naive in relationship matters'. Nothing like a literary masterpiece, but a good series to stave off boredom if you have spare time.

This volume is one of the better ones thus far, with the previous one this climatic being the main 'boss fight' at Volume 4-5. Those who reads the LNs probably know what I'm talking about, and those that doesn't I'll keep it vague to prevent spoilers.