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Blogspot #06 - All is well

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How are things?
All is well.

I got really depressed last night. You can see it from that previous blog post I made.
I had gotten depressed over all the problems I was having, and I feel like I couldn't do anything.

I really have to thank my mom. She really did help me pull me from it and helped me when I needed it the most, setting the stage of today's success, completing two tests and an assignment.

Tonight, she and I watched some TV together (we don't much, rarely do. I'm not a crimetime guy). We watched a bit of Tosh.O, then after the first segment and the web redemption segment, We ended up using that extra cable channels for once, and we found some old shows like one by a Mr. Flip Willson (it was actually funny). We then found Daystar and specifically Joel Osteen's surmon.

It struck quite a cord with me. It was about the exact thing that plagued me yesterday, that's been plaguing me. It was about how words have power, and how negative thoughts when we say them hinder us and hold us back. Saying over and over how one will fail, how they can't possibly accomplish X, only hinders one from ever reaching that goal. We will have those negative thoughts, but do not speak them, don't give life to them, don't prophisve failure. Instead, focus on the good and let those negative thoughts fade and die.

If you don't have something pleasant, don't say it at all.

And we know the pratical version of this. Of course, it does not mean be ignorant of the problem. Yes, bad things do exist. Don't lament and say how you will fail. You will make yourself fail, and talk yourself out of completing your goal.


This has been my thing as of late. I've been saying how I can't get anything done. How there's no way I can do it, how I'm going to fail, all that. Much of yesterday's night was a well...honestly, kinda a freakout with me lamenting how I'll never accomplish anything. over and over and over. I agrued with my mom for a bit...and after we made up at getting mad at eachother (blood is far thicker then water and bickering) she spent a few minutes with me helping me with my studies, and that kicked off the rest of this sucessful day that I've had today.

It's...nice to have someone there for you in your moment of need.

Well, that's enough about yesterday (or technically now, monday). Tuesday wsa a very good day, and I know it's only going to get better here.

All is well. For God sits on the throne, and all will be good in the end.


Now, to continue the good news, I continued my fanfictions finally. I finished chapter 2 to a project that I've had in the pipeline. It's not a Nasuverse work, but more connected to a grand multiverse. This one specifically, is in Touhou land and is a prequel/setup for a whole set of stories. It's so much fun to come up with up a cashe of Chekhov's guns to use later on. I should do another chapter or two in this, and then move back to that old story I was writing before "The Grimoire of Akemi Yamase" and try to figure out what to do with it.

It's use-to be a visual novel style story. I really like it as such honestly, though if I wanted true quality I'd need pictures/sprites/you know of Akemi and co, and I'll probably have to find someone if I don't want to go the way of the ZUN and do it all myself. I don't know yet, but somehow I'll accomplish it.

Oh, and I gotta finish Resident Evil 6. I've had that game since launch and I still haven't unlocked Ada's chapter yet. Granted, I am playing a bit with my friend, but I also feel like I should get this game done and over with. Maybe then rent Dark souls (despite owning it) / talk him into buying his own copy so I can Co-op with him /Gravelord him.
Maybe. He got a Vita on black friday (With persona 4 golden. They were out of the $200 bundle so they let him pick a game. So he picked the game he was going to get anyway. He used the other money and got Disgaea 3 portable and has been hooked on it.


I also wanted to give an update on Mrs. Cynthia. She is doing much better. She's been visiting our grocery store frequently, and she says that she's has her hard days, but she is pulling through. I'm very happy to see she's been doing much better.
For everyone who said a prayer, for everyone who sent her their best wishes, I thank you.


That's all for right now till I can come up something else.
You all have a great day and don't be afarid of the future.

Know that nomatter what happens, All is well.

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