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A wild loonie appeared!

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And no I don't mean a crazy/mentally unstable person, or the cartoon, or the bird...I mean the coin named after the bird that's worth 1$ CDN.

So I was looking for my tablet and I thought it was hopeless and I would never find it. I found 2/3 parts of it (after ripping my room apart) and resigned myself to never find the third, my tablet pen. I sat down in front of my computer and started doing something else when I was hit on the head with something. I look around and see that what hit me was my tablet pen.

Well, after picking my pen and placing it on my desk I notice that there is a loonie there that wasn't there before. I was a bit freaked out because I knew I picked up a quarter from off the floor and placed it on my shelf. I went an checked my shelf the quarter is still there.

x: Weird shit, man. Weird shit.
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  1. SeiKeo's Avatar

    I know you! You did good drawings!

    keep that coin, it is clearly a location divining coin
  2. Lianru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LeopardBear
    I know you! You did good drawings!
    and this is how we determine a person's worth on BL
  3. Kotonoha's Avatar
    one time I found an American loonie, it had the statue of liberty on it and everything

    american loonie