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Servant Sheet #14: Zeta

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Statting my sixth SoraOto character~


"I want to try going to the New Continent..."

image (c) ice @ pixiv

Second-Generation Angeloid, Designation-Zeta.
She was Hiyori Kazane, an ordinary farmer girl who fell in love with one Tomoki Sakurai. However, a stray truck driver ended that romance... or should have ended. It was at that precise time Zeta awakened, not comprehending that all the 'life' she had lived was not hers. A burning passion to close the gap in her maiden heart, she accepts the Master of Synapse's offer: three bodies for the chance to rejoin her loved one...

Class: Caster
Master: ???

* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Noble Phantasm: A
* Strength: E
* Endurance: D
* Agility: C
* Mana: A
* Luck: E

Class Skills:

* Territory Creation C
(Caster-specific class skill)
This skill reflects the ability to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. At this skill level, Zeta has difficulties constructing a Workshop.

* Item Creation C
(Caster-specific class skill)
This skill reflects the expertise to manufacture magical items. At this rank, Zeta is capable of crafting many types of medium-grade magical items and potions.

Personal skills:

* Protection from Wind A
This skill protects Zeta from buffeting winds her ability used to generate. With this skill, Zeta can function without hindrance while inside of a tornado.

* Magecraft C
This skill reflects the knowledge the Servant has in modern thaumaturgy. With enough analysis, Zeta can understand and wield orthodox thaumaturgy reliably.

Noble Phantasms:

* Static Wing Core, Standard Version [White Wings of An Angel]
Rank: D

A sizable (no more than a 120 centimeters at its widest) wing on Zeta's back. This wing enables Zeta to fly, although its speed is limited to about Mach 8. It is a 'typical' static wing core and does not have any special augmentation.

* Demeter [Upon These Skies, Countries Rise and Fall]
Target: An average city-sized area
Rank: A

An ornate staff typically carried in plain sight. When an activation word is spoken, the staff emits a subtle hum, and its power is revealed. Demeter can manipulate weather on a scale Zeta desired, from seeding clouds to make a localized rainfall to creating a city-sized tornado. The mana requirement of this Noble Phantasm is variable; if the natural condition fosters the intended end result (i.e. making rain on an overcast day) then the cost is quite small, whereas if the natural condition opposes the end result (i.e. making snow in the middle of Saharan summer) the cost could be astronomical.

Pretty barebones if i might say so myself. Hiyori was something of a flat character anyway, but her Angeloid form merit some statting as a Servant.
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