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Things I Want to Do

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I hate how people somehow manage to put ideas into your head without even realizing it. Know what I mean?

For the longest time now I've been juggling idea after idea and I like them all. Just not enough time to do everything. Sucks.

The biggest thing I wanna do is make this hentai RPG with my RPG Maker. I've had the thing for the longest time and never really seem to use it. Then I started playing games like Harem and Despair Labyrinth off of recommendation, and...well...idea.

Then I've got two RPs I want to do. Two! I mean, if I wanted to start them, I could probably do it right now, but RPs just seem like a bunch of maintenance. It's sad 'cause I like 'em, but they'll just have to wait for now. :/

For now I'm just gonna focus on the things I've already started. It's just that...RRRRGH. Those ideas nag at you. :P


  1. Marth's Avatar

    Female...plays eroge RPG...has too many ideas...has RPG an unusual person...

    Sweet fuck, you sound like a genderbent version of me. @_@

    If you've played Harem and Labyrinth, I'd recommend Violated Heroine.
  2. Sei's Avatar
    Wait...I'm unusual? <.<;
  3. Marth's Avatar
    From your own profile:

    "I suppose for starters, you can say I'm not a standard individual."

    Not standard = unusual

  4. Sei's Avatar
    Sean wrote that when we were trolling. I've just never cared to do anything about it. =3=

    Also, is that game the same as Disgraced Paladin?
  5. RoadBuster's Avatar
    The scripting for RPGmaker can be a bit daunting at first, but if you have experience with C or Java it should come pretty easily.