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Random Tips & Tricks: Battle Moon Wars

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Hah! No one plays Battle Moon Wars anymore!

Well... except for me I guess.>.>;

Might do more later on because I'm beginning to enjoy this prolific rambling about video games and whatnot. Maybe I should consider doing a fullblown strategy guide at some point? :P

Send in characters with the accel spirit first (Sion also works well for this) and let them be somewhat of the vanguard. Your hard hitting characters (Arcueid, Takumi, Akiha) and stationary attackers (Akiha, Touko, Rin) should follow after and destroy whatever is left. Depending on how you’ve assigned skills, by the time your hard-hitters have caught up, your vanguards will already have high Will to use their stronger attacks while your physical tanks can level up better for more damage. Remember, your evasive characters are generally pretty capable, but you still want to use them for what they are.

Stick to Focus and Strike: These two spirits are pretty much your staple spirits and pretty much everyone has one or the other. They generally don’t cost that much to use and are arguably the best spirits in the game. When coupled with SP Regen and Concentrate, you can pretty much use one and lose nothing. So run through enemies with your attacks and save your SP for stronger enemies and strong spirits like Fury, Love, and Assail.

SP Regen + Concentrate: If you’ve played the game, I’m sure this speaks for itself. These skills can pretty much be tagged on to any character with success and can prove pretty useful in later stages and on harder difficulties. The only problem is that you have such limited slots for skills. Regardless, I recommend having both of these skills on your support units.

Tohno Shiki and Takumi: This could be because I ran Super route first, but on later playthroughs I’ve still found it to be true. Tohno Shiki and Takumi should almost always be your main tanks if possible. Shiki (in my opinion) is the best evasive tank in the game, comes with the accel spirit, and (at least mine does) can easily hit 147 hit percentages without using a spirit. Give him some Glasses early on and the Assassin Card later, and he can easily run through a horde of enemies. Takumi is your physical tank who can take heavy amounts of punishment and dish out even more. Early in the game, you’ll want to guard as opposed to dodging, but I find that later on he can evade pretty often as well. He’s a bit slow compared to other characters, so I recommend boosting his movement a bit. I like giving him the Berserker card once I get it (he really doesn’t need anything). With these two on the front lines, you can lay waste to most enemies before the others even catch up.

Sion: Sion is an interesting character because she’s a mid-ranged evasive character. This means that she can move in and attack from a distance, dodge when the opponent comes in close, and run to attack at a distance the next turn. So depending on how you’ve deployed your units and how the computer responds, you could essentially lure and opponent into a trap where you can initiate a beatdown with your slower characters such as Akiha and Takumi. I highly recommend maxing Sion’s movement (Swift2 + High Laced Boots + Rider Card).

Akiha: Admittedly I don’t use her very much, but I am aware of her power. Because of her unique skill (Crimson Red Vermillion), she’s pretty much untouchable on the early levels. But I often found her getting left behind because she moves slowly across the map and her poor accuracy makes doing any real damage with her a pain. She does come with the Strike spirit, but it can be troublesome to have to use it so often. Swift and Swift2 are generally good ideas, but I’ve found that Hit & Away helps Akiha out a lot.

Sakura: Sakura has a major boost in usefulness after her upgrade. It might feel a little underwhelming at first, but if you give her an Archery Suit and Hit & Away…at the very least you’ll see why I like her so much. Combine this with her natural Offensive Support, Combo Attack, and her array of spirits, and you get one of the best units in the game. I guess my main gripe with her would be how long it takes her to get to this point.

Kohaku is another character that I find interesting. She’s introduced as somewhat of a buff-bot with a support role, but I actually found myself using her more for offense than anything. As a matter of fact, at one point I even remember her doing more damage than my Takumi for awhile. Naturally, she can’t keep up with characters whom are actually meant for offense; however, if tailored right, Kohaku can become something of a baby-Shiki. She has decent hit and evasion and she does have the Focus spirit. Granted some of her spirits are a bit pricey, this is easily remedied with certain skills. As she’s supposed to be a support unit anyways, it’s well worth it. Just give an offensive Kohaku a chance. You’ve gotta work for Mech Hisui anyway.

Bazett: I don’t have much to say about Bazett. She’s pretty good at what she does and doesn’t really need to gain anything to make her better. Since she only has two attacks though, you might want to invest some points in increasing their power before anything else. My only real advice is to give her the Card of the Kings as soon as possible so that she can spam Fragarach.

Shirou: Shirou, I feel, is pretty useless before his upgrade. He seems to have a very hard time hitting most enemies, doesn’t do very good damage, and takes damage pretty badly. I mean it makes sense…but still. This all changes once he gets his new body though. His Vigor and Resist spirits make him ridiculously broken and make him more annoying to kill than Arcueid and Takumi. But what really sets Shirou apart from the others is his special skill Indomitable. Couple that with maxed out Prevail and SP Regen and Shirou easily becomes the best tank in the game. I generally like to give him a Gemstone for extra EN too.

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  1. SeiKeo's Avatar
    I would totally read a full BMW strategy guide to it. Like, but so terrible at ;_;
  2. Sei's Avatar
    I might do one. I've still got to play through the game with Lily and Amber anyway.
  3. Five_X's Avatar
    Fully upgraded Lancer > All for me. :P
  4. Sei's Avatar
    I usually just give Lancer SP Regen and Concentrate so I can profit from Focus.

    I need to use him more. ;^;
  5. SeiKeo's Avatar
    How Leo plays BMW: start a NG+ because why would you not. Don't upgrade much, just enough to get by. Wait until you get Ryougi.

  6. Five_X's Avatar
    How Five plays BMW: Get Lancer, run him at enemies. Counter everything, insta-win.
  7. Laith's Avatar
    How Laith played BMW: Full Power Destruction (Start NG+(+), Max Saber/Shiki(both)/Shirou/Arc/Bazette/Haruka/Takumi watch everything die by them blinking at them.)
  8. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    If I can get off my ass and get some writing done (or, to be more accurate, not be stressed out by work to the point that I have no energy to write) maybe we'll actually see a sequel sometime soon.
  9. Sei's Avatar
    Take your time. Great games are worth the wait. :P
  10. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    ...Well, it's not really me "taking my time" it's that I have "no time to do it." Work takes about 10 hours of my day, I have to sleep for at least 4-6, and I have to cram everything else in terms of relaxation into that narrow 8-10 hour window.

    Stuff might be changing for me... in a few months.
  11. Sei's Avatar
    Well life comes first. We understand.