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668 - Neighbor of the Beast

And back to the grind.

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Last day of vacation.

Supposed to be on the clock in approximately twelve hours.

......Man I hate that job and can't wait until it's done with.

The latest news I've heard is that late March or Early April is fairly likely for my new job (which would let me have lots more time to myself) but even if I got the job then, I'd have to wait until I'm cut a check. The day after I got that check, though, I'd be putting in a two week notice at my current place.

So I'm looking at, worst-case scenario (and assuming the above dates don't fall through) sometime in approximately Mid-May before I can get out of there, due to pay being on a monthly scale at the new job, and for 6-8 weeks I'll be technically working two jobs at once... though the new one is way less work and stress than the old one will be, I'm sure.

Still, I got 7 of my 10 days off paid (The other three were normal days off) so all in all I can't complain. And I do get my next paycheck on Friday, after all.

I just hope they cleared out the problems with the new client that launched the week before my vacation began. Originally, we were to get 50% of their business initially, and then the other 50% a few months down the line. Three days before our launch, they decided we were going to get 100%.

Nothing like making us scramble.

Worse, they neglected to even tell their own stores of the switchover. So when our techs showed up to pick up something for one of our customers, they'd turn them away. To say that last week before I had vacation was "chaos" is putting it lightly.

So, they've had 1 1/2 weeks to clean it up. Hopefully they did. All I know is that it's back to that grind yet again. I do feel rested, at least... but I didn't get everything done during this vacation that I wanted to, either.