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Ce n'est past un nom

To: Lycodrake - From: Team Mod

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Let's not beat around the bush here: this is a public warning, pertaining to your consistent passive-aggressive and hostile manner. Your historical use of black text has been the main incarnation of this, but more recently, see this post. For the readers who don't notice what's in there, quote it.

You'll note that there's a huge-old passive fuck-you to the rest of the forum hidden inside of [HR] tags! This is the kind of thing that you are going to stop, Lyco. If you have an issue with someone, you are going to air it clearly with either them or one of us, and not snipe at people where you think they can't read it. That is how it's going to work from now on.

Why is this being done as a blog post? We've warned you in the past. This has not seemed to work. Despite your claims that we dislike you, we'd prefer that you stay and contribute, so we're doing this instead. Our hope is that you'll listen to us this time.

(By the way, you think we won't listen to people who we don't like? Toss it, pal - you have on idea how long we've given people we don't like to talk to us. Ask Altima and DP and me about how much time we gave Mike. Consider that, if you are consistently told you're overreacting... maybe you are just overreacting. You are not necessarily right in your judgements of who is in the right.)