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The Digi-Choco Revolution

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Another Valentine's Day rolls around, and once more, I'm am driven by the impulse to do something strange...

Digi-choco. Sending pictures of chocolate to the girls I consider friends on the Lair, and wishing them a Happy Valentine's day. So yeah, don't be particularly creeped out, it's just me trying to be nice.

Updated October 4th, 2019 at 08:48 PM by Twelveseal



  1. Neir's Avatar
    dude this is incredibly creepy
  2. Petrikow's Avatar
    Sometimes I pretend to be a girl.

    Where's my chocolate?
  3. Black Sword's Avatar
    Neir, you study in New York City. How the hell is this even remotely creepy?
  4. Twelveseal's Avatar
    Meh, I did it last year. Seemed pretty well received.
  5. Strange_One's Avatar
    This is just kinda like Giri-choco right?
  6. SeiKeo's Avatar
  7. Twelveseal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hen_Ichi
    This is just kinda like Giri-choco right?
    Yup, hence the reference in the name.