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Well. I'm much the same. I remain in a state of undying and there appears to be no help for that. Let's try something different.

Was gonna try this last weekend, but I did not feel of sufficient good humor to do so. In the last week, I believe I have accrued sufficient gallows humor.

Among the various things on my mind, an issue that somewhat annoys me.

BL, let's have a discussion about love.

I might have feelings for... someone. That I haven't seen in awhile.

Say there's someone of the opposite sex you were friends with.

How do you work out whether you were in love with them?

That is, at what point do feelings you have for someone turn to such a thing?

I shouldn't go into too much detail of course...

Through a number of things, bad timing, life, recession a bunch of us schoolfriends mostly lost contact for a long long while.

When we came together again one was conspicously missing and due to an impending event I decided to try and track her down.

After trawling through the murky depths of the mind I managed to reach her.

Then shortly after she cut off contact. None of us have any idea why =|

So I do wonder whether shes okay, whether her work's tough, what she's doing...

I guess I miss her. But there are other side effects -.-

Like how she often just appears my mind for no particular reason.

I remember times we were together in the past.

The silly moments. Her smile.

Her habit of appearing in my dreams - though with the medication my dreams have been totally crackful.

I find myself looking out for her whenever I'm out, hoping I'll come across her as its not a very big town.

When I see someone that looks like her I seem to double take, lose my breath for a moment or my heart skips a beat.

This is pretty damn annoying. So you, with all your worldly experience.

What is this shit? Can I fix it?
Tags: Comedy fail


  1. Twelveseal's Avatar
    Why list this as comedy fail?
    It's less comedy and more romantic counseling.
    Taking it seriously, I can't say where love begins and other emotions end, that's something personal to everyone. Either way, it sounds like you at least care for her. After all, you miss her, and look forward to or hope to see her again. Calling it love might be rushing it, or it might be your thing, but you might as well try to get ahold of her and aks her out or something.
  2. Enhance's Avatar
    Either you like her, or you think/want to think you like her and conjure images of her to ground that. Or you just have nothing else occupying your mind (happened to me).
    Figure out, then do or die.
    Updated February 14th, 2013 at 06:56 PM by Enhance
  3. Raven2785's Avatar
    Ask her out and see what happens, the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me concerning women is don't be afraid to ask her out.

    The worse thing she can say is no, if she says yes then great, and if she says no you can move on with your life and stop wondering "what if..."
  4. Strange_One's Avatar
    Bah, Twas the 14th yesterday. Where were the waves of derision and ridicule?

    This is why fail. Heh.

    Then shortly after she cut off contact. None of us have any idea why =|