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Tsukihime Playthrough- Completion

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Since this is one of my two weeks off I get during the semester, I finally got around to finishing up with Tsukihime.

Finished Akiha's route, finally. I found it somewhat underwhelming, but I admit that's partly due to the issue I had on my last blog post. I really have nothing much to say about it.

Then I got to Kohaku's route, and my brain went 'wait what the fuck is going on' for about the second third or so.

And... this happy ending? This amazingly happy ending? That is not what I expected at all. But I'm happy with that. I really am. I honestly wouldn't have enjoyed it ending any other way than I did.


  1. Aiden's Avatar
    And an update: watched "Eclipse"

    ... none of these girls get very long, huh.
  2. Kratosirving's Avatar
    Unfortunately not, it seems.

    *Pats Aiden on the back*
  3. Lycodrake's Avatar
    I just know Hisui's route is like the closest thing I want to get to mind altering substances.
    Though KS' Rin's route did something similar...
  4. Raven2785's Avatar
    Yes, the ending of Kohaku's route is an amazing moment, one that I wasn't expecting at all when I played Tsuki a couple years ago.

    I that route the one scene that got me the most was when Shiki did give her back the ribbon and she starts crying without knowing why, the CG sells it with that wide-eyed expression on her face like she doesn't know what's happening. I am man enough to admit that I did stop reading and got a little chocked up at that moment.
  5. Bittersweet's Avatar
    I certainly cried at that part too. ;_;
  6. Aiden's Avatar
    Raven: BEST PART.
  7. Crown's Avatar
    I for one think that Kohaku's ending was the best of the game.

    Omedetou for completing the game.