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Kagetsu Tohya, the beginning

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I have begun Kagetsu Tohya, with the music working!

Accomplishment enough in its own right.

Now let's see..

Arcueid still being best heroine I see.

Arihiko... wow as if I didn't ship you with Shiki already. Also, holy shit your sister is hot, dude.


Okay, I'm done for now. More later maybe.


  1. Raven2785's Avatar
    I actually need to start this thing, well, I need to find it first of all.
  2. Hopeluvjoy's Avatar
    It's a bitch to get all the extra scenes the first playthough. Also good luck getting though it all after about 40 repeats.
  3. Aiden's Avatar
    Yeah I heard about that.

    Using a guide.
  4. MZeroX's Avatar
    KT is best. completion is happy times forever.
  5. Laith's Avatar
    I am proud that I finished KT with only looking at the guide once.
  6. drmchsr0's Avatar
    Get Arc's panties.

    They're SHINY.
  7. Aiden's Avatar
    So many bad ends. It is glorious.
  8. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Akiha's nap has to end!

    And when you get stuck - and you WILL get stuck - I'm pretty sure I posted up a spoiler-free walkthrough (as spoiler free as it could be, anyway).
  9. Aiden's Avatar
    I'm already using a walkthrough.
  10. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by drmchsr0
    Get Arc's panties.

    They're SHINY.
    I second this
  11. Aiden's Avatar
    I should probably not ship Shiki/Crimson Moon.

    Nope, too late.
  12. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aiden
    I'm already using a walkthrough.
    Which is exactly the one I used except that since it's a translation-of-a-translation it's inaccurate as shit in the wording of the choices. All I basically did is rewrite that so it has the proper choices. (Most notably, there's an event with Kohaku later on which isn't translated at all - and it can have one of three categories.)
  13. Aiden's Avatar
    I just look at the numbers for the choices. XD
  14. Aiden's Avatar
    Len is adorable. I knew this already, but seeing more of her confirms it.

    Not sure if I would ship her with Shiki though. We will see.
  15. Laith's Avatar
    Oh talking about Len, the song that plays on her flashbacks is so good
  16. MZeroX's Avatar
    Len is best. Once you actually finish KT, all the feels pour onto you.