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The life of a Ki User

To further explain my comments on Oddmer's post... and my past involving Ki

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I may as well go into my studies of Ki a bit more. *cracks my knuckles*
Probably a long post from here on in, so be warned, Wall of Text to come for all those that read this.

First off, I study what's now known as, and later insulted and belittled, as RadKi, or Radical Ki. This first came about by a guy named MysteryShadow. He had the idea that you could combine basic Ki channeling exercises, such as four stage breathing, with Psionic techniques, to utilize your inner Ki more effectively. Pretty much, the guy made a basic website, then a forum, and mostly left it alone, giving rather basic methods to learn how to use your own Ki to do stuff. The forums enhanced this, though, and built upon his techniques, which is what I eventually learned to use for best and easiest results.

So, the first method he taught was grounding. Grounding is taking ambient Ki from the planet, and drawing it into your body, to let you feel what it feels like, as well as to let your Meridians work. Simple, easy, and noted that you'd have a tingling feeling in your hands, much like the "pins and needles feeling" when your foot's asleep, but without the prickling sensation of the pins and needles, and more like the general numbness. Other results noted were that you'd have increased blood flow to the body part you were channeling Ki to, and so the easiest way to tell if it was working, until you began to feel Ki, was to look for white spots slowly appearing upon your hands while meditating on the grounding exercise, and doing four stage breathing. For those that don't know what this is, it's Breathe in slowly, then hold your breath for 3-5 seconds, breathe out slowly, then don't breathe for 3-5 seconds.

It was, looking back upon it, extremely simple stuff. But it WORKED. 10 minutes a day doing the grounding exercise, while breathing like that, would let you feel your Ki.

He also warned of such things as Burnout, which is, basically, the problem of overusing Ki each day to the point where you couldn't feel it anymore.

For about a good year, I studied his guide, found a forum member that would mentor me, and generally did quite well. Then things started to go downhill. First, came the attempts to replicate Dragonball Z techniques more closely. This was... not unexpected. A lot of the people there were devoted to coming up with new techniques, and they thought a "Power Up" one like the Kaio Ken would be interesting to research. So, more forums opened up and devoted themselves to the idea of trying to replicate techniques, which finalized with a forum called "The Art of Kaio Ken". I still have a copy of an ancient e-mail from the year 2000 or so, explaining their "brilliant" technique for replicating it. (Hint. No, it really wasn't. At all.) But 4 or 5 different techniques were created by them, most of which had hefty health risks. From one guy suffering from having a shot earlier the day he was practicing, only to stare at blood spraying from where the shot was supposed to be fully healed, several feet away, to general problems with even getting it to work, possibly from not enough training the physical body... it was pretty rough as a technique to duplicate for them. But... before they could work out the problems with the technique... or much more development in the community could happen, the DBZers rolled in, as they were called.

Approximately 50 people decided to flood the forum, some asking where to get the rules for this "RPG that they had run into", others declaring themselves to be Saiyans, or Saiya-jin, for those that knew a bit more about the Japanese versions. But those that posted started ranting on the forums about "Easily pulling off the techniques" and wanting more.

Mystery Shadow's website and forum then went down, adding to the troubles that beset the community. Drastically so. And with Mystery Shadow's website gone... the original teachings that were used, all slowly started to degrade.

Initially, a technique explanation for grounding went like this.

"Close your eyes, and do the four stage breathing, as explained before. As you do this, visualize yourself, all of your body, and then slowly visualize roots, lowering from your body to the ground. Continue your breathing, and slowly visualize energy trickling up the roots, to your body, and all through it. It can look like anything you wish it to be, from water, to light, to lightning, to flames. Try different things until you get the results below. From here on in, slowly visualize it going to your hands, and continue accumulating it until you can feel it, as a sensation of your hands being 'asleep', but without the pins and needles. Now, from here on in, open your eyes, and look at your hands. Do they have white splotches on them? If not, close your eyes, and continue to practice until they do. When you're done, let all the power you drew from the earth, return to it, then go off to do other things. Don't do the exercise too much, or else you'll have a hard time feeling Ki if you experience Burnout. However, try to do this daily, once a day."

After this all happened, the people that wrote up on it, turned to a much simpler explination.

"Visualize roots going from your body, into the ground. Now, imagine energy flowing up from the ground, into your body, then push it to your hands. Continue until you can feel it."

And from this, it went on to, on most Radical Ki sites, be even simpler.

"Visualize energy going from the earth into your body, until you can feel it."

Do you see how it happened, now?

An example of one of the last pages still on the web, devoted to Radical Ki, is here:

Feel free to browse it around, as an example of how they tried to keep it to the original techniques, but failed. But that could be set as an "intermediate" site for explanations. Still though, it's not as descriptive as the original articles were.

From here on out, the "community" split into two sections. A. The section that believed in Radical Ki, and all it stood for, including the DBZers, and all, and B. The section that returned to the traditional methods.

The only place left that works on the Traditional Methods, is the Veritas Society. If you want to check them out, look it up. I've posted a couple times there, but I don't really care for it. You might, though.

As for me? I studied under my teacher as long as I could, took his advice, and became more like a hermit researcher. Rather than rely on the message boards, I stuck to myself, especially after a series of incidents involving a moron trying to make a deal with... SOMETHING on the astral plane. He wanted to get out of doing the rest of high school, the entity was "All too happy to help" then left him in the lurch halfway in. Most likely for his own amusement.

From there on out, I occasionally posted, but mainly kept to myself online rather than get involved with the huge arguments, mentoring and teaching people in what I learned, what I discovered, and what I figured out worked better, while still doing my best to explain things properly then rely overly on Visualization alone as the method to manipulating Ki, like most people that followed MysteryShadow's stuff did to this day.

Later, I heard about Naruto-tards showing up, the same way the DBZers did, only having a much shorter shelf life then the DBZers ever did. Instead of lasting about 5 years with their crap, the Naruto-tards lasted 3 weeks or so. "Chakra" and real life doesn't mix, and they were retarded to think otherwise. Plus, by that time, cameras advanced to the point where you could actually have webcams and show techniques working, so their BS was countered by "Take a picture of the damage, then!"

Ok, I'm done for today. Thought this might help you all out a bit to understand my background with Ki better. But ever since then, I've stuck my own path, and I've wound up mentoring a lot of people in Ki manipulation. Three of those people, if I had never mentored them, wouldn't be here today, either from the drugs one was thinking of taking because he couldn't get a date, or the other two by being suicidal. One flat out told me, point blank, "The Week I met you, I was planning on killing myself. You were the only reason why I didn't kill myself, and I'm glad to this day that I didn't decide to die anyways."

I think that's the greatest accomplishment of them all, right there.


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  1. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seika
    OK, so is Whiny Useless McSlacker over there or Self-Deluded Science Failure over here worse? Voting begins now.
    Hey! Who're you callin' Mc, buddy!? Watch your mouth!
  2. Kyte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RanmaBushiko
    Also, thanks Ivan, for being a voice of reason here. Just because someone has a viewpoint, doesn't mean it's correct. I've been studying Ki for 14 years now, and I believe it to be real. If you want to deny that Ki exists, fine by me, but people shouldn't insult other people in the process.
    15 years from now, you'll discover you really cannot manifest UBW, look back all those years and go: "Shit, this is what I wasted so much of my life for?".
    See, your viewpoint is wrong, because it's been debunked by multiple viewpoints, using repeatable, provable experiments that get peer-reviewed as to eliminate personal bias.
    Updated February 27th, 2013 at 11:38 PM by Kyte
  3. Spinach's Avatar
    But is he really investing so much time in this that it's even a significant "wasted" amount of time? Likewise, if he had fun with it is it really wasted? I mean, don't get me wrong, this ki stuff is wiggidy wiggidy whack, but nobody can tell him how he should spend his time(unless he's spending his time raping young girls and someone is telling him to stop).
  4. Kyte's Avatar
    Problem's that other people follow him.
  5. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyte
    15 years from now, you'll discover you really cannot manifest UBW, look back all those years and go: "Shit, this is what I wasted so much of my life for?".
    See, your viewpoint is wrong, because it's been debunked by multiple viewpoints, using repeatable, provable experiments that get peer-reviewed as to eliminate personal bias.
    This is what I'm basically saying. Even if we tell him to wake up or not, he wouldn't wake up until he decides to do so. Besides, no one can fight reality that easily. One's belief may not be compatible with reality, but that doesn't mean reality will not go on, because it doesn't care about someone's beliefs. If it hits someone, it will hit someone. If that someone doesn't want help, then let him go, reality will do it's job.
  6. Spinach's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyte
    Problem's that other people follow him.
    I highly doubt that he's forcing them to participate, and if they're enjoying it then who cares? Let other people have their fun.
  7. RanmaBushiko's Avatar
    15 years from now, you'll discover you really cannot manifest UBW, look back all those years and go: "Shit, this is what I wasted so much of my life for?".
    See, your viewpoint is wrong, because it's been debunked by multiple viewpoints, using repeatable, provable experiments that get peer-reviewed as to eliminate personal bias.
    By people who have never tried the methods for manipulating it, and all are insisting it MUST be because I'm deluding myself.

    I've spent years working on manifestation, and I know I'll continue spending years on it. Time and effort means I'm actually doing work, and using the scientific process to test what I can and cannot do, rather than shouting to the world bullshit like all the moronic trolls that joined those forums claimed. Which pretty much amounted to as follows: "Durr! Look at me! I CAN DO STUFF OUT OF DRAGONBALL Z! I CAN DO STUFF OUT OF ANIME! DURR!"

    And thus why I hated, and continue to hate the idiots and retards that ruined a good community for everyone else.

    If you want to doubt me? Go ahead. It's no skin off my back. I honestly don't care. But... I DID think this community was far more understanding then it actually is. And it rather saddens me that a lot of people can't respect other people's beliefs and HAVE to insist that I've been deluding myself for 14 years instead of... you know... trying out one of the exercises I mentioned, themselves? Experimenting and seeing if it worked?


    Ivan said it best, though, earlier.

    I'm telling you, reality doesn't need someone's belief or denial for it to exist and function. If it is raining and even if you don't believe that it isn't, that will not change the fact that it is raining. You could go out of the house, get wet from the rain and still deny that it is raining or believe that it is not raining, but that will not change the fact that it is raining and your clothes got wet from standing in the rain.
    If I tell you guys that rain exists, and you all think that it doesn't exist, does that make me right? Or wrong?

    Rant over, take this as you will. You're going to insist I'm delusional again, though, I already know. *shrugs*
  8. Emy's Avatar
    I will believe you for $200,000 USD.

    Wait, hear me out!

    The James Randi Educational Foundation has this prize:

    At JREF, we offer a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.

    So, you go and prove your powers, walk out of there with a hot million, and split it 80:20 with me for referring you to this great opportunity.
  9. Mcjon01's Avatar
    I honestly can't tell whether or not you realize that Ivan's argument is that you're a loon, and there's no sense in arguing with loons.
  10. In-N-Out Double-Double & Animal Fries's Avatar
    You can play chess with a pigeon but no matter how well you play he'll just knock over your pieces and shit all over your nice chessboard.

    The moral of the story is to use cheapo 10 dollar sets instead.
  11. Emy's Avatar
    Anyway let me know when you win the prize and I'll give you my IRL contact info. I'd be really interested in learning from you.
  12. LJ3's Avatar
    Um so what I think I got so far is that what you believe is ki manipulation is not the stuff you read or watch in fantasy things. And is it really true you believe you can manifest UBW?? It just seems that the philosophy you're subscribing to is meditation except more visually active (or delusional). I mean I can agree with Spinach that if this isn't something that's taking too much of your time and resources. I mean shit I bet all of the forum members enjoy fiction that has paranormal or mystical elements just that it's not reality.
  13. Bloble's Avatar
    Sorry Ranma, but you're really deluding yourself if you believe for even one moment that you'll get us to believe you about this Ki business. Putting aside whether or not it's real, the fact remains that it's accepted in most of the world as bullshit, debunked by several scientific studies and with absolutely no publicly shown proof of its existence. As rational people, we make decisions with the information we have at hand, and that information is telling us that the likelihood of you being right about Ki is the same as that of God deciding to put fake dinosaur fossils in the earth to screw with us.

    Not that I'm saying you're wrong. On the contrary, I hope you're right because the idea of such a thing being true is awesome. But with the information I possess, as a logical and rational person, I have no choice but to regard what you're saying as the ravings of a guy who never grew out of his 8th grader syndrome. Now I'll acknowledge that it's possible you possess information that we don't, and that you really have manifested and seen your ki. Hell, there might even be secret societies out there dedicated to controlling their ki and performing superhuman feats with it. But that doesn't matter, because if you can't prove it to us, we'll go with what's publicly accepted and within the scope of our minds.

    So basically, if you're right, you get to say 'I told you so', but until then the world won't acknowledge what you've said as truth no matter what you do, and you'll likely be belittled and insulted for your beliefs until you prove them. That's just how it is. Nothing personal.
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