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A special and popular baseball game in Shikura commonly played by baseball die-hards, freelancers or just people with nothing better to do. The cops don't really mind it unless something big outbreaks. The usage of betting coupon/tickets like horse races is often seen. Tsuranui once spent her monthly pocket money betting on Arika..and she lost it. Regular games are often monthly. This depends of the players anyway.

1:1, a mutual battle between the pitcher and batter playing one inning. The goal is to seize the enemyís phone. If the batter connects one hit, he wins; conversely, if the pitcher manages three strikes, he wins. Official players carry an exclusive mobile phone. Batterís is golden whereas the Pitcher owns a silver mobile phone. The loser will pass their phone to the winner once the game is over. The player possessing most phones under his control will be declared winner and awarded the title of MVP.

SVS is divided into unofficial/informal and official/formal games:

Informal/Unofficial: Bets allowed. Rules are bound to modifications, etc. Pretty much the same as above.

Formal/Official: Bets allowed plus a bonus award. The management of the games are determined by the organizers (players) who contact the nine pitchers and nine batters via cellphone. The selection of the players is based on the results from a previous game or in the popularity and performance of informal players. Depending of the organizers audacity and talent, the publicity of the game can make it a big hit and turn into a very eye-catching event. As for the exact date and location is set by the players themselves. Players through their contacts can beckon a crowd and if wished, an umpire. Once everything is set the chosen eighteen players will receive a special phone from the organizers to communicate and come to an agreement. In a nutshell:

The game is arranged by the players themselves calling one other.

Once SVS commences it becomes a Royal baseball Rumble. As the game progresses the losers are deprived of their phone by the winners until a last man is standing. Itís then when SVS comes to its conclusion. The phones collected by then will become the bonuses. Even though you may come out with a profit most players yearn for the MVP title.


In general, rules can be modified depending on the situation or just to make the game more exciting. The distance of the batterboxís mound can also be increased as long as there is an agreement. No umpire is needed (can be called though) nor there are time-outs. The umpire function can be replaced by the audience itself since is mostly the judgement of the strike zone, similar situation with the catcher.
Now, for deadballs: if hit by pitch happens the pitcher loses, if the batter ducks can be counted as someone likes, all according to the players. If the hit ball is out of the field itís obviously a foul, special rules may be applied as well. Usually fouls will count (when you swung) as strike unless the batsman already has two strikes. Foul tip is the same as in normal baseball. And, at last, if the batter connects and the pitcher catches the ball itís an out. Prior to the start of the game the players shall remain in their positions else it'll be considered a rebuttal.
The official SVS game is a battle of wits divided into halves. The first half is an intelligence war whilst the second half is decided during the game itself. Some players tend to go as overlookers in games to gather information. Some may not even answer and choose not to attend a game.
I don't even like baseball that much and would love to try it. Sadly, all the people around me are kids.

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