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In Retrospect: Steins;Gate Visual Novel.

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I also like to call it Soul Punch: The Visual Novel.


  1. ZidanReign's Avatar
    You're gonna carry those feels ;_;
  2. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    This should not be as funny as it is.
  3. Matsu's Avatar
    Indeed. And Okabe's screams? You will never forget them.
  4. Aiden's Avatar
    *pats Beam on the back*

    It's okay, just admit it. You enjoyed the soul punching.
  5. Strange_One's Avatar

    It's okay... they're okay in the end...

    Think of the banana
    Updated February 28th, 2013 at 05:04 PM by Strange_One
  6. xm0123's Avatar
    Ah yes, my 2nd favorite visual novel of all time. Who would've thought that a wannabe inventor with an overactive imagination and a bunch of quirky friends would become one of my favorite characters of all time?

    You have my utmost respect, Hououin Kyouma. (Salutes with a tear in his eye.)
  7. Enhance's Avatar
    Copykitten? :v
  8. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Enhance
    Copykitten? :v
    What can I say, I was inspired by other retrospectives. :V
  9. Moczo's Avatar
    ... I'mma need you to hook me up with this at some point, sweetie. Just sayin'. :3
  10. Tobias's Avatar
    don't read steins:gate then