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Klonoa's still hanging on.

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Hello people this is leon4281 here, and of course Max is here too, say hi max

Max: *waves back*.

Anyway, I'm in the school pretty much in the library until it closes and I thought I could throw in some time to talk about the Klonoa series. But I guess before I shoot my mouth off about that awesome anthropomorhic "cabbit", I should at least go over the series on more time.

Klonoa started out with his first game on the Playstation called Klonoa: Door to phantomile, it's a sweet platformer game that ended up as an underrated rare gem to gamers, playing level thru level solving puzzles, double jumping, meeting people to help you out in the game and taking on some fun but simple bosses, and it had this kind of feeling you get when you know how deep it could go with its story, especially when you find out some things going on between Klonoa and Huepow, and Klonoa's eventual destiny. An cool game like a gem that every gamer should have. Then the next game came around in the form of a portable system that I have not obtained yet, and was avaliable only in Japan, the Wonderswan, the game called Klonoa Moonlight Museum. The story with that was set at some magical museum that Klonoa had to explore and find out. (I still don't know the entire story since its in Japanese and I don't have the game yet.) This is the only game out of the whole series that doesn't have bosses to fight. You just play on through until you beat the game and extra vision and then some. It's kind of a decent game at best, not the best but still very decent.

Then Klonoa two came around in the early 2000s on March 22, 2001. And it was a improvement over the first game, the game length wasn't that much though, but everything about the game was fantastic, right down to the middle. And marked the appearance of new characters, Lolo and Popka, along with their foils Leorina and Tat. Klonoa had also a change in clothing fitting for his reappearance after his previous two games. The music was definitely spot on like in the first game, and had its awesomeness from beginning to end. The game did get some good reviews in.and received a few accolades being the Best Platformer in the early 2000s And yet the series despite its good games wasn't up there and still remained underrated at that point. But the series stil moved on.

Klonoa received another portable game that is fun in its own right called Klonoa Empire of dreams came out just 4 months after Klonoa 2. And the story takes place after Klonoa 2. Klonoa was just napping until knights from some kingdom took Klonoa and dragged him off into the Empire of Dreams to be sentenced to be executed, klonoa takes on another adventure to clear his crimes, but finds something amiss that is central to the whole Kingdom being in danger of being a "kingdom without dreams". This game is much more improved compared to Moonlight Museum and bosses were in this game. all the lvls including the action stages with the hoverboard and endurance stages. A very proficient game that is still a must buy in the end.

Of course Klonoa also had its sports game which is spin off. Called Klonoa Beach Volleyball, well it is just volleyball with Klonoa and the gang, but that also had special abilities to use within the game just to make a bit more different. I think it is a fun game from after I played it after some time. Also marked appearance of Gantz (Guntz in Japanese), Garlen, and a few others who also appeared in this next game...Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament which I own. It takes place after Klonoa Empire of Dreams, and this game puts Klonoa into a tournament that Garlen hosts. Klonoa and his friends put themselves to the test with various stages awaiting them, however, Garlen seems to have an wicked attitude and some plans for the competitors, and Guntz also shows his ruthlessness and trickery along the way. Not much different from Klonoa EOD, with the exception of the End bosses are opponents that klonoa is matched up with at the end of each world gunning down to race to the finish, although there are still "bosses" that try to stop Klonoa from getting to the finish. Still a fun game to have and having to clear puzzles and beating bosses all the way to the finish is a bit of a good challenge, that's what I think. (up until the final world after you beat Guntz, and you just face Garlen in a final battle in a showdown for real instead of a race).

The last game of the series is Klonoa Heroes: Legend of the Star Medal (Densetsu no Star Medal). This game is an Action RPG in a Top Down perspective. Klonoa is in here with a new character Pango, and Guntz once again playable after Beach Volleyball. Each character has different weapons Klonoa has his tradition ring, but he also uses a sword, some kind of parasol, boomerang, and a arm cannon. Pango is a bomb guy so he uses plenty different bombs for weapons and the same with Guntz with his guns and other arsenals. The A and B button are red/blue attacks, attacking in enemy corresponding to the color of their health bars. Although enemies with the enemy bar has to be dealt with special ex attacks, done by holding either the A or B button and each character has two different ex-special attacks, only obtained through cutscenes at some point in the game. It definitely acts like an RPG as far as I know of it, and it's not so bad to play, although the stages can get a bit more longer as you progres, but that's what a save feature is for. And you get skill points every time you lvl up and you can apply that to your equipped weapons and armor you obtained in the game. and I could go on with any other element of RPG. Thing is, it's an okay action rpg game. And it looks to be the game that namco went all out with, even having a good song out (Sign of Hero) performed by Klonoa voice actor Kimiko Watanabe. As for the story which I almost forgot, well it's hard for me to say since i'm still not good at translating, but Klonoa goes on one heck of an adventure as he goes out of his way to be a Hero.

After about a couple of years after the game, A remake for Klonoa: Door to Phantomile was out on the Nintendo Wii. After you get through the main game you're open to costumes and a reversal mode which is basically the same levels except backwards, and a hidden section in the level which includes complicated puzzles with a medal awaiting you at the end when you clear them. Not much, but it is an okay remake game for the Nintendo Wii.

After that, even with talks with a possible Klonoa 3 if the sales were good, nothing has happened with the series, it just sat there without even a hinge.

However, after years of being left out on the wayside, someone has made a move with Klonoa finally,

But it isn't a game...

But they did make a webcomic out of it, which is better than nothing.

It's called Klonoa Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol, and the first season is called Tenebrae's Ambitions. It's already available to read now and it's on Shifty Looks website Check it out!!

Klonoa's still there folks and he's hanging on.