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Is bro gaming a thing of the past?

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It's been a lot of time since I started gaming once again, mostly because I've been busy having a life and studying. But now, I guess that for a short while, I'm back to the old studying/gaming routine I was accostumed to a few years ago... And I'm starting to understand why I liked it. I don't get what's up with some of the persons around me not wanting to play videogames anymore, or at least with the purpose of playing seriously. Is it because they don't have flashy graphics, or because they feel like they're "way too old for that" anymore?

I know that I've grown up and that there's a world outside, but I sometimes get the itch to call my bros, gather at home and spend an afternoon and evening playing videogames and why not, have a few drinks like the bros we are for a change. I remember that once, we stayed up playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl the day it was released from 6 pm or so up to 3 or 4 am, taking rests only for dinner and a few snacks, having fun all the while.

What the hell makes it so bad, or so different from chilling out outside? Why the hell can't I say that I gathered eight bros and had fun together playing videogames that aren't realistic neither modern, and why does it make me sound worse than someone who wakes up next morning with a faint idea of what he or she did during the night and a hangover? Growing older makes it unacceptable to play a football match from time to time? No? Then why do the fuck they judge me?

Why can't I just enjoy what I want? Why can't I go to have a few drinks with my friends, and next day play Mario Kart or Mario Party from the N64 with them? Why should I force myself to think that they're a thing of the past, while they're still fun as hell, simply because they're old?

Optimura, Over and Out.


  1. Lianru's Avatar
    Bro gaming is awesome, dunno what other people are talking about.
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    Playing with your bros is awesome. Especially for party games, which are pretty much designed to be played with a group of people. If people are looking down on you for that tell 'em to fuck off.