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Goddammit Atlus

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So, as I couldn't find Strange Journey and Radiant Historia at any shop I went to, I decided to order them online. Coincidentally, they came on the same day as my Soul Hackers. Okay, three Atlus games at once, still okay.

Today, I went to get an actual case for my 3DS XL. After I did so, I suddenly spotted two games. They were Trauma Center 1 and 2. After replaying 999 for that Knife Ending, my puzzle VN itch got ignited and I couldn't find Virtue's Last Reward anywhere. With the two Trauma Center games going for $70 (about 56 USD), my temptations got the better of me and I ended up buying them.

Now I have bought 5 Atlus games in a row. Goddamit Atlus, why are your games so good!? You abuse my wallet, but I just keep coming back for more.


  1. Hopeluvjoy's Avatar
    Know that feel bro. You start with one and end with twenty including some never released overseas. ;_;
  2. Milbunk's Avatar
    Huh what a coincidence I just found Virtue's Last Reward a few days ago and I beat 999 in January, can't wait to play it myself.
  3. Laith's Avatar
    Next up you'll get Trauma Team since it's the best Trauma game.
  4. Fakessassin's Avatar
    Hahaha, that will never happen as Trauma Team is a Wii game and I don't own a Wii. Don't think two games will sway me either, well then again, it is Atlus...
  5. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Wait till Mewarmo finds this entry. He probably had a fine dinner thanks to you.
  6. Strange_One's Avatar
    ^ XD

    Well. Nice to see they do well.