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My Attempts At Creating A Homunculus

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fear not

i have reformed

Updated June 26th, 2016 at 10:25 PM by Mooncake



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  1. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Books and other Aids:

    1 Book- Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide

    High School Biology Class
    How can you fail?
  2. Mooncake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Strife212
    How can you fail?
    I don't mind sarcasm, but this is at the very, very beginning of learning enough to try in the first place.
  3. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Oh boy
  4. Raven2785's Avatar
    Trial and error my friend, although I do predict a lot of error from your experiments
  5. Leftovers's Avatar
    Irisviel dutch wife.
  6. xelloss's Avatar
    Well, uh...

    Have fun with that.

    Does it count as a homunculus if you just clone yourself?
  7. Daiki's Avatar
    I saw a lot around here, but this is a first.
  8. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    what you doing man

    you can't nasuverse irl

    Or if it really means that much to you, work your way up and make some homuncumice first.
  9. Spinach's Avatar
  10. Hopeluvjoy's Avatar
    Mai bro. I won't tell you it is impossible just make sure you SCIENCE!! enough and send me your lab notes.
  11. RacingeR's Avatar
    Paging ranmabushiko
  12. ratstsrub's Avatar
    Don't forget to channel your ki.

    Also, if you become a doctor, do me a favor:

    Never treat me.
    Updated May 10th, 2013 at 09:58 PM by ratstsrub
  13. Matsu's Avatar
    Good luck, you daring soul.
  14. Bloble's Avatar
    Well if you're only aiming to create artificial life, it isn't impossible. Scientists can already synthesise brand new genes without basing them on previous ones, so creating entirely new genetic codes from nothing shouldn't be that far away, and entire organisms not far from that.

    Just wait a few hundred years or so and it might be possible. Of course, you'd have to invent something to make you live longer first, so I'd suggest going for the good old telomere lengthening. See you in 2213, bro.
  15. Paitouch's Avatar
    Is this some cryptic way of saying you wanna make a realistic blow-up doll?
  16. ZidanReign's Avatar
    I would love a way to live another 100 years or so, I want to see space damn it.
  17. Reiu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZidanReign
    I would love a way to live another 100 years or so, I want to see space damn it.
  18. LJ3's Avatar
    Your first two lines are great.
  19. Ladybird's Avatar
    Get a tourniquet ready for when your arm or leg disappears.
  20. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Pretty soon, you'll know it like your opisthenar.
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