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I'm done with high school, and I even managed to round out my career with the best grades I ever had in high school (straight A's both semesters, something I hadn't managed since middle school). I just have to go through the graduation ceremony on Wednesday, and I'm completely done.

And then college happens.


  1. IhaxlikeNoob's Avatar
    Post-Secondary ed will always be there to haunt us, even when we refuse to look it surrounds us, it's there for our own good.
  2. KENTA's Avatar
    Man, I remember when you were supposed to pretend you were over the age of 18 to join the forum.
  3. Spinach's Avatar
    Did KT ever pretend?
  4. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    Jeez, college isn't even that bad.
  5. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Freedom my left foot, now you have to contend with harder schoolwork, bills, redefining your social life, and jobs, all while contending against drunkenness.
  6. Laith's Avatar
    College is amazing and horrible at the same time. You are not free yet.
  7. In-N-Out Double-Double & Animal Fries's Avatar
    1st year in the dorms were fucking awesome. If you want to hear stories, just ask.
  8. Katie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach
    Did KT ever pretend?
    I did for the short span of six months.