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On the lighter end of this blog post, I am now using a new browser for the internet; as most of you probably know I've been using Chrome since about my freshman year of college, and it usually served me pretty well. I had some linking problems with it recently, but nothing too major... at least until today. I don't know if it's because I switched out on batteries last night or what, but Chrome got really buggy today. I couldn't get the search engine to work, and it could only load pages that were automatically saved into my search history. It was really strange.

I fought that for a few hours before finally giving up and getting a direct download link for Mozilla Firefox, so I think I'll be using that for the time being. There's an option to download Chrome, but I'm a bit wary of touching it after this last experience, especially when even Internet Explorer was working better than Chrome was for awhile in the short time I switched back to it.

So let's see how Firefox runs for now. So far so good, I quite like it.

On the, well, not so light side of things... I went down today after fighting with my internet browser to get a snack, had this lovely conversation with my mother:

Mom: Jamie lost the baby.

Me: ... Jamie was pregnant?

Yeah, turns out my cousin was pregnant with a baby and my mother thought she'd told me, but she never did. So literally the first time I hear about this baby is right after she lost it. It was an early pregnancy, so they don't know quite what happened; physically my cousin is healthy, but when she went in for the check-up there was no heartbeat. I'm still a little stunned by it myself. It's this weird sensation of numbness and wanting to curl up somewhere to cry.

She'll be all right. I just have to keep telling myself she'll be all right. And we'll be there if she needs us.


  1. Aiden's Avatar
    This is the day that just keeps on giving.

    But, it will work out. I mean the internet thing did, after we poked at it with a virtual stick for a while.
  2. Seika's Avatar
    That ... yeah. How on earth would you react to that? An utterly strange experience.
  3. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Thank you for joining the Firefox Master Race.

    You are a welcome addition to The Order.
  4. Daiki's Avatar
    Must be among the hardest things one can experiment. She'll need her family for sure.
  5. LoyaltL's Avatar
    Welcome to the Firefox family. We have burritos.

    About the baby, while your response was a lulz one, but seriously, that sort of response was the only one you could do.
  6. DezoPenguin's Avatar
    You might want to de-install and re-install Chrome just for the sake of watching video (such as youtube), which it handles better than Firefox. (I have Chrome on my machine for that sole purpose.) Otherwise, enjoy the experience! Don't forget to install AdBlock right away.
  7. Servant Shiki's Avatar
    Wow, connection problems all around in your day, huh?

    Still, poor woman. That must be terrible, I couldn't imagine how I would feel if my sister had lost her son. I love my cousin more than I thought I would (though I forget, when he annoys me). I really hope that it gets better for your family.

    On the computer network side of this blog, Chrome has served me better than firefox, but anything is better than internet explorer. So good on you, I still expect you to be back on Chrome soon.