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Wifi and 3G

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I experimented with my phone today and discovered that turning off mobile data (and, seemingly, 3G as a result) when in a WiFi zone seemed to make my phone overheat less. (Loading speeds also seemed marginally faster)

If such a thing were true then it could get horribly annoying turning off mobile data every time I enter a Wifi zone... still cheaper than a data plan I guess, and less annoying than having slow load speeds.

I haven't repeated these experiments on it over the course of several days to confirm this phenomenon yet, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether an iPhone being 3G enabled somehow slows down or impedes data reception via Wi-fi. If so, does anyone know how such a thing occurs?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hen_Ichi
    You of all people posting this amuses me.

    Could it be defaulting to use 3G? which does use more energy and heat. Not to mention is slow.
    i'm a baka, why would it surprise you ;~;

    I suspect that this may be the case though, since I was getting updated for data charges despite staying constantly in a wifi zone yesterday.