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Into The Rain: Officially Dead.

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This probably won't come as a terrible shock to most of you who have followed this fic and know that I haven't updated it in a good long while (particularly, updating and focusing on Fellows over Rain.), and it certainly won't be a shock to Moczo or DezoPenguin, since I talked to them both a fair bit before figuring this was the best thing to do.

At this point, Into the Rain is a dead fic. I didn't want to admit it for awhile because I thought I could go back to it, but not only is my writing spark for it gone and has been gone for awhile, it would have been a pain in the ass to write in its current form. Unfortunately, when I started this particular story I fell into my bad habit of jumping into the idea before I planned out the specifics of it, and as a result I would have ended up copying and pasting large chunks of Heaven's Feel as Rain progressed, with the only real change being that Rin was Sakura's lover instead of Shirou. I could go back and do a rewrite of it, but as of right now I have no desire to do so, despite my love for the Sakura/Rin pairing.

(I probably could have, admittedly, done more with the Saber plot line, but unfortunately I didn't think that through much either. I put it in because it was an interesting thought regarding Saber I've always had since she became Alter in Heaven's Feel, but it ultimately wouldn't have gone anywhere.)

The story's been taken down from (because I hate leaving an unfinished story on my account, I'm anal like that.), but I'll leave the thread here intact so that no one loses the posts they made in that thread.

I will, of course, continue to write more Sakura/Rin, so don't worry about that.

Thanks for reading and enjoying the fic while it lasted, all of you.


  1. Aiden's Avatar
    Alas, it was cool while it was there. But I understand completely.
  2. Moczo's Avatar
    It was not a surprise, even when you brought it up. The story had clearly been dead for awhile, it was just a case of making it official. I'll always have a little spot in my heart for Rain... I think it was the first story we ever really cooperated on. But it was also clearly never going to finish.
  3. Elf's Avatar
    Sometimes a story dies by messy coat hanger. Others become more than what their creators have intended and get put out to pasture.
  4. DezoPenguin's Avatar
    Definitely not a surprise, given how long it's been. Though I'm somewhat surprised that you felt it was so shackled to the plot of HF, given that nothing in what's actually happened since Rin found Sakura instead of Shirou has actually matched up with the events of HF. Hmmm...

    That said, long fics do always work better when you know what you're doing with them. Speaking of which, how's Fellows coming?