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THE LIST: Part 1

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  1. McJon01
  2. Kyte
  3. Zidan Reign
  4. RR121
  5. Velsper
  6. LeopardBear
  7. Kotonoha
  8. Spinach
  9. I3uster
  10. Randy_Hamblast


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  1. ZidanReign's Avatar
    why am i number 3

    what is this list for
  2. Kyte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Frantic Author
    Haha, Kyte played you pretty good DP. Like a fucking fiddle.
    You know I hadn't noticed this until now but that's not cool. How can you dare get pissed at me? I at least don't bother to lie to the admin to throw you under the bus.
  3. LoyaltL's Avatar
    Ah so this is how those names were decided on. It was given.
  4. Petrikow's Avatar
    Now I have two banned users on my Friends list.

    I'm a collector.

    It's too bad I never managed to get food.
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