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All in the Golden Afternoon

Regarding my unemployment

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Yeah, I lost my job.

I had talked with my manager about how school would be starting back soon, and how I would have less days to work, and he said that was ok, this was last week. I come in today, all nice and clean, smile on my face, ready to brighten some people's day, I go back there, can't find my time card, I ask about it at the front desk, turns out I was taken off of the schedule, I'm asked to go back there with the big boss, my bosses boss, and he heard about me going back to school in a few weeks and how I wouldn't be able to work as much and decided to take me off of the schedule, my replacement was there and everything... Also, he noted some complaints they had received from customers. Some new one's. Apparently, when I, jokingly, turned to one of the sackers and told him in a hushed tone "I'm a cashier your not betch shaddup I know how to do my job", which caused an uproar of laughter amongst my coworkers, the fatass bitch who I was checking out, apparently thought "Oh, ok, well, this boy is talking while I am up here, so he must be talking about me, let's here what he's saying... 'I'm going to blow them up I know how to do my job?' Why the nerve! I must inform the manager of this at once!". Yes, it was stupid of me to have a casual conversation with another employee in front of a customer, yes, it was stupid of me to assume that people would have the mental capacity to understand that complete strangers do not give a fuck about them, and that to them, they amount to less than an amoeba in terms of importance. This one is on me, I should have learned from my last mistake- keep my mouth shut, because people here what they want too, and focus on customer service. I may be an idiot, but anyone who would assume that someone who views your importance as less than that of plant life would even consider wasting the time and energy blowing you up is an even bigger idiot. But, said even bigger idiot doesn't have to worry about losing their job. I, of course, told this to the big boss, he said he understood, and agreed when I said that it was foolish on my part. I asked "So, I'm being fired?", he responded "Not exactly, since your starting back school soon... Your being fired without being fired", "so, on a resume, this won't-", "on your resume, you had to stop because of school, and we don't give bad recommendations". I stood up, shook the mans hand, thanked him for giving me the opportunity to work, apologized for not being the kind of employee he wanted, he told me to consider it a learning experience and said to check back with him next summer (which I think he was BSing me on that part), and we parted ways. I gave my apron, bow tie and name tag to the lady over the cashier's that I've been flirting with for the past 4 weeks, told her I'd miss them, said my peace, and left.

So, I lost my job in a way that won't hinder further employment, and would have eventually happened anyway because I knew that they would not be too thrilled to take someone on who can only work two days a week (which I could only do once school started back), so... I guess this doesn't really change anything... I'm just upset that, it ain't because of school, but because of customer complaints. Like, what I mentioned earlier, and some customers don't like being asked for ID when buying alcohol or tobacco. I don't wanna risk it, but if an 70 something year old woman comes in there asking, I'm still going to ask, because her reaction is priceless, hell, I had one broad come behind the counter and hug me (that was actually rather odd but I like it now). "Miss, are you sure your old enough to buy this?" *shows ID* "Um... Ma'am, I was just joking, but you don't look that old". 8/10 customers fucking love that! Also, it puts them in a good mood, so they are more likely to tip the sackers taking their groceries to the cars.

tl;dr got fired without getting fired for school starting back as surface reason and customer complaints as deeper reason. Not sure if I'm an idiot or not for that, but I don't care, I'd do it again, cuz I made more customers smile and put them in a good mood than I did the one's who got pissy with me. But, yeah, everything is... Back to normal, for me. Unemployed, a social leech again, no longer being able to help the family with groceries or bills, but at least about to go to a real university... Yeah.

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  1. Daiki's Avatar
    Next time, wait the break to crack some jokes.

    Also, paragraphs.
  2. Matsu's Avatar
    I did, but it kept it all as one textwall. Fixed it. Dunno why it does this.

    And yes, I know that, now. I knew that then, I was just a bit optimistic, I guess, in assuming the customer wouldn't be an idiot and think I was talking about them, or be an ass and report me for something they think they heard. How the hell do you even mistake "shaddup" with "I'm going to blow them up"? Someone with an even bigger persecution complex and who is even more pessimistic and pathetic than I am, that's who!
  3. BlackField's Avatar
    This shit happens to (almost) everyone. At least you haven't lost your job for putting your hands in your pockets(well that was his excuse but I reckon it was because I was a boy, he only hired girls after all. Luckily I had his wife at the interview).
  4. Temujin's Avatar
    You "had" his wife at the interview? Wouldn't he notice something like that?
  5. LoyaltL's Avatar
    Achievement Unlocked: [Best way to get Fired] Rank 2.

    And btw, I always thought reading white text on black background will be easier than the opposite. What a shocker.
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