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All in the Golden Afternoon

I (prolly) just smoked my last cigarette.

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I think. I hope. I'm going to use the fact that the Uni I will be attending is completely tobacco free, which seems to be heavily enforced, and the fact that, unlike the junior college I went to, there is no where to just cross the street off campus too smoke (across the street, or in this case, highway, is also campus), to try and quit. I just ninja'd my way outside to smoke the last square I had, and I am going to try, from this moment, to not let another touch my lips.

Keep in mind, however, that this is about my 5th time "quitting". Whether or not it will be the last time has yet to be determined, but I hope that it will... I started with just one or two a week, then moved up to one a day, which became two, which became three of four, which is now at half-a-pack. My lungs are beginning to make... Concerning sounds, whenever I inhale. I would say that "I have no aspirations of longevity", and "everyone dies someday", but they were just excuses... Also, who knows what kind of cool shit will be invented in the next century? Am I going to miss many great Anime and an Android girlfriend/maid (the former if I do not have a mate, the latter if I do, in which case Maiduroid would get to be a lover for the both of us *w*), or some really cool shit like GITS-tier prosthetics, just for a very transitory, very harmful pleasure? Ok, yes, said pleasure does ease both my stress, and depression, but is it worth it? I've decided not, so... Well, yeah.

Reason I am making this a post is because, it's easy to tell yourself that your going to quit, and then go back, because your the only one who will know, but this way, even though it would not effect a reader one way or another, it should act as being tantamount to telling someone else, which would make it more difficult for me to go back... So, either wish me luck, or start placing your bets, lel.

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  1. Matsu's Avatar
    Ok, paragraph problem fixed... For now.
  2. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Do your best, Oddmer.
  3. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Good luck. A helpful thing would be to try to find something else that you do as opposed to picking up the smokes. Get into the habit of doing something else when you get a craving, as opposed to lighting up.
  4. Matsu's Avatar
    Thank you, IRUn.

    And I tried that before with beer, Umbreon. It worked, granted, but not for long. Maybe increase my soda intake or... Start chewing on something. I remember how I used to always chew on the ends of my stylus' for the DS, maybe that would help. Something to sate this oral fixation...

    Ideally, I'll find a trap genderfriend on campus who loved getting having oral preformed on "her". That'd fix everything *nods*
    Updated August 4th, 2013 at 09:46 PM by Matsu