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Damn you karma!

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So, for those of you who ddnt catch this on the birthday thread, a while back emohawk had an opportunity for a certain amount of malicious fun. A good friend of mine had been depressed by his 30th birthday because it and his 1 year old son were impressing on him how old he has gotten. Being aware of this, as a birthday gift, I presented him with a nice, well made...cane.

I informed him it was because I knew he had been feeling old and I thought it would make it easier moving forward. forward a few days to yesterday, I was attending day one of my mini-mester class when walking to the door I suddenly developed a pain in my back. being someone who has terrible posture, these arent completely uncommon so I just had a painkiller and figured that would be the end of it. well, over the course of the three hours till lunch break instead of getting better it got tighter and more uncomfortable. when break happened I was quite in pain. This culminated when I was in the restroom when all of a sudden I had a burst that was so bad en I actually cried out and for a moment I could barely stand up.

Folks, a few days after teasing someone about being old I threw my back out for the first time ever. Savor that a moment.

When I left class I went to the wall greens and spent nearly 100 bucks on various treatments and now, something like 15 hours later have managed to get myself more or less back in shape, least I can get in and out of a chair without wincing, but due to what just happened I am actually taking steps to correct my problems, I moved my keyboard and adjusted my chair so now I am sitting with correct posture, as well as trying not to hunch when I walk to avoid further problems

so I guess you could say I was...

Scared straight.


  1. raygirl's Avatar
    Your attitude has been pretty crooked lately
  2. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    At least you know where to purchase a nice cane
  3. bahamut zero's Avatar
    Was waiting for the punchline, were your friend comes in and offers you his cane, it never came.
  4. Tobias's Avatar
    you kidding? he doesnt know
  5. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Wait till he finds out, when he slaps you on the back in good humor and you see stars.
  6. Tobias's Avatar
    How was he gonna find out?

    heh. Way I see it what he doesn't know won't hurt me.
  7. Polly's Avatar
    Be sure to keep your physical activities on the reasonable level ( meaning "healthy, but don't overdo it for it's just as counterproductive as being bedridden" ) and have a massage every now end then. It should go away completely very soon. Exercising on a regular basis will greatly help reduce the chances of your back pain coming back later in life.
    ( I know this shit, I wrote a paper on it ).
  8. Kelnish's Avatar
    Unless your exercise is lifting with poor form. But do you even lift, Tobias?
  9. Polly's Avatar
    Unless your exercise is lifting with poor form.
    Yes, well, that would go under the "overdoing it" part.
    Get well soon, Toby!
  10. Spinach's Avatar
    Step on a crack, throw out a mod's back.
  11. KENTA's Avatar
    Amazing. You would have that kind of luck tobias.
  12. Hopeluvjoy's Avatar
    Tobias I swear to every god ever that if I knew exactly where you lived right now I would send you a cane in the mail.
  13. RoadBuster's Avatar
    All of those signs at work screaming about lifting coreectly have now come flooding in my head.

    Hope ya continue to mend easily, man.
  14. Gaia's Avatar
    If your friend finds out, he will buy you a wheelchair.

    Get well soon-ish, anyway! (I would say soon, but I think karma won't let you...)
    Updated August 11th, 2013 at 06:13 PM by Gaia
  15. ZidanReign's Avatar
    this reminds me of the time i really hurt my hamstring

    scariest and most horrible week i had yet

    please take care of yourself tobias
  16. Altima of the Gates's Avatar
    Happened to me a couple times back when I was doing stock work in college. Do some stretching exercises each day.