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All in the Golden Afternoon


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The fuck... I was smoking outside of McDonald's, some people came out, I raised my cig so smoke wouldn't get in they're face (I failed quitting btw), girl passed by, then her big, black, angry dad, dude turned to me and said "hey man don't look at my daughter that way man", I chuckled, cuz I thought he was screwing with me, dude got mad and said "man I ain't fucking playing with you she's 14 don't look at my daughter motherfucker I'll knock yo ass through that window. All I could do was raise an eye and say "yes sir?". What else could I do? I got the feeling that if I casually explained to the man that I was not looking at his daughter, than the family in the window behind me would be getting an unexpected second course.

People annoy me =_=


  1. Matsu's Avatar
    And fast forward however long later and a nice lady at McDonalds comes out and gives me a free coffee thing with chocolate and whipped cream. I usually don't eat mcdonalds, because it's mcdonalds, but this wasn't food, so it's fine. So, yeah, some people aren't so annoying, like nice women who give me free ice coffee something.
  2. LoyaltL's Avatar
    I should've been there to see this as it happened.
  3. Matsu's Avatar
    Why? To laugh? Although in hindsight, I think my survival instinct must have kicked in, as I'm normally an inveterate smartass... Dammit, I feel like a bitch now for letting that fucker talk down to me like that =_= but, if I'd've done something... What? If I try as fight him, I'll get hurt, so my only choice, as it often is, is to disable the aggressor. But if I knee him in the nads, I look like a bitch, I threaten him with a pocketknife, and he doesn't back down, it becomes assault, if I pluck out his eyeball, it becomes attempted murder, and if I kill him, than the bloodthirsty media will have another poor innocent nigger to bitch and moan about. I conveyed this to my African American friends, "bitch be trippin'", they said, after asking why I was being PC and not calling them nigga like normal.

    I just wish I could go back to tha point and do what my first instinct was- before rationlity took over "who is this dog... How dare he talk down to me like that? For... Looking? At that... *glances* pig of a daughter of his? ... Fight. Eh, can't win? No, fuck that, fight, fight, fight..." And que rationality.

    ... Dammit this is pissing me off now =_=#
    Updated September 2nd, 2013 at 01:54 AM by Matsu
  4. Strange_One's Avatar
    Wonderful big stupid angry black man stereotype~
  5. Nihilm's Avatar
    Your thought process was wonderful to read(your comment)
  6. Daiki's Avatar
    Guy came to have a meal with his daughter and thought you were staring at her. When he told you to stop you should have just said it's not her your were focusing your eyes on. The guy goes away and you don't have to deal with feeling like a pansy afterwards. Being simply honest can get you far.