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Fate/HA and fanfic update

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Finally got around to messing with the partially translated version of HA, good stuff all around and Illya's pool date scene is the stuff that fangirl's dreams are made of, or my dreams at least. But this is mostly important because now that I've actually had some exposure to Bazzet and Caren, the Princess' Knight sequel can finally resume. If you guys haven't read it, or didn't know it even exists, it's called "The Prince of Pendragon Manor" and can be found on

The story takes place ten years after Princess' Knight and picks up just before the beginning of the Fifth Grail War with Shirou making a contract with Caster after finding her injured and bleeding while out late one night. The story focuses a bit more on Shirou then the first fic, but still retains the necessary levels of adorable lesbians in order to still consider it a yuri fic.

Other fics
-Xenogenesis Evangelion has a new chapter coming out soon that explains much of the mystery surrounding why we have a bunch of monster girls piloting giant robots.
-The madoka visual novel i posted about last time has it's third and final route being written as we speak and should be done in a week or two, leaving just the coding and revisions before the entire game is done.



  1. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Progress is a good thing, and it does me good to see you productive.
  2. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    As opposed to my usual MO, which is being a chronically lazy tool.