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Code Geass Gaiden (Rumored Lelouch Appearance)

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Code Geass fans! (If any)
I bring good news!
(Unless of course you've heard about it already)

It appears that Lelouch will have an appearance in the spin-off, Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito.
The story is set in EU based around events that happen in-between the Time-skip of the 2 seasons of the original Code Geass anime.

I, for one, am ecstatic at this piece of delightful information.


Being the Code Geass crazyfan that I am, I am now going completely loco. xD


Updated September 15th, 2013 at 03:44 AM by LoyaltL



  1. bahamut zero's Avatar
    But if it's set during the time-skip that's not really possible....
  2. LoyaltL's Avatar
    The 1 year spent between R1 and R2. And the last thing we see is Lelouch getting caught by Suzaku at the end of R1.
  3. Dullahan's Avatar
    ...because Lelouch had his memories wiped by Charles shortly after that, and was implied to have spent the entire timeskip living unaware of Geass/being Zero/etc at Ashford Academy as bait to capture C.C.?
  4. LoyaltL's Avatar
    Yes but Charles' geass is "Memory Manipulation" and he can do it multiple times.

    I wouldn't put it past him to use his own son for some elaborate scheme especially when he's completely in his hands like that.
    He can just make up that "1 year" memories afterwards.
    Updated September 15th, 2013 at 08:15 AM by LoyaltL
  5. Sherrinford's Avatar
    > that eyepatch.


    Cape looks cool though. And hey, I knew Clamp-designed characters have slim bodies, but I never realized they were that slim (look at is legs!).
  6. Servant Shiki's Avatar
    I don't have a problem with the eye-patch in itself, but that jewel makes it bad.
  7. Sherrinford's Avatar
    Yes. That jewel.

    And now that I notice it, it looks like that shoes, trousers and shirt are all one piece.
  8. LoyaltL's Avatar
    Fuck I just noticed.

    Why the heck is he wearing clothes like Schniezel's?
  9. Laith's Avatar
    Hey it's Knightmare of Nunally!Rolo.
  10. Sherrinford's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Loyal-to-Lelouch
    Fuck I just noticed.

    Why the heck is he wearing clothes like Schniezel's?
    Standard high-level britannian royalty dress?
  11. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    We meet again, Captain Harlouch.
  12. Mcjon01's Avatar
    I'm going the other way with this one. This "Julius Kingsley" character with Lelouch's voice actor is so transparently Lelouch that it can't possibly be Lelouch. Sometimes a Julius is just a Julius, guys. Just sit back, accept it, and let the Orange Julius jokes flow.
  13. LoyaltL's Avatar
    ^ Clones. Clones Everywhere.
  14. Cruor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Loyal-to-Lelouch
    Fuck I just noticed.

    Why the heck is he wearing clothes like Schniezel's?
    Julius is supposed to be the European Front's new commander. Schneizel is head of the European Front in R2 (and I think R1 too).
  15. LoyaltL's Avatar
    You sure? I mean from what we saw in the first episode (and the Ep. 2 Preview), EU is fighting against Britannia. :V
  16. Cruor's Avatar
    uhh that's exactly what I meant.

    Schneizel was the head commander of the European Front (and also the lead negotiator against the EU and Secretary of State of Britannia, Schneizel does fucking everything lol iirc).

    It seems Julius is the commander in the timeskip. Which honestly, I find odd, because when we see Suzaku fucking up the Italians in Africa in R2 with the rest of the Knights they say that Schneizel had been fucking up EU for awhile.
  17. LoyaltL's Avatar
    Ah I misunderstood you.

    Well, it must've been for a short while. I suppose Schniezel might've had some urgent business somewhere else (Maybe Australia who knows?) and since no one else was capable enough, the Emperor sent a brain-washed Lelouch.