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The rabbit on the moon.

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According to the Mexicas, more commonly referred as Aztecs, the current sun, the fifth sun, is the god Nanahuatzin an old god who sacrificed himself so the Earth could keep enjoying the favors of having a sun. He sacrificed himself because Tecciztecatl, the one who was originally chosen to be the sun, hesitated four times, since he feared the sun's fire. Once Tecciztecatl saw that Nanahuatzin became the sun he finally gained the courage to become one. The gods, enraged by his cowardice, decided that the moon shouldn't be as bright as the sun and so they decided to throw a rabbit toward Tecciztecatl and extinguish most of his flames.

According to the Maya, Quetzalcoatl, the most badass of the gods by the way, decided to travel the world with the shape of a man. Of course as a man he grew tired and hungry. He stopped only when the moon and the stars had come out. He sat down and saw a rabbit eating something. Quetzalcoatl curious asked what he was eating. The rabbit answered that he was eating zacate (poaceae) and he offered him some. Quetzalcoatl rejected his offer. The rabbit, concerned, asked him what he was going to do. Quetzalcoatl just answered that he would die of hunger and thirst. The rabbit then said that he was only a small rabbit but that he could eat him. Quetzalcoatl, moved by the rabbit's offer, took the rabbit and placed him against the moon, where the silhouette of the rabbit became stamped. Quetzalcoatl then proclaimed that nobody would never forget about the rabbit and that every man would remember him everytime.

Eh, just something random I remembered. Culture and all of that.
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