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Sherlock Season 1 Ending

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So, recently I watched the first season finale of Sherlock. Yeah, a bit late on that, but waiting for The Day of the Doctor is really hard. It was utterly brilliant as usual but, the ending, is really... Obviously will be spoilers-filled, so if you haven't watched Sherlock yet but want to eventually, feel free to skip this blog post.

Really Moffat?! Really? You end a show that may or may not get a second season, on the world's worst cliffhanger ever?! With three snipers each trained on Sherlock and John, with like extra snipers in the background just for the totally screwed factor to hit critical. Then you have smug Moriarty in utter glee at seeing the two of them about to die, with Sherlock going for a mutual kill, about to shoot the bomb vest that laid in between them.

Ending there is cruel beyond belief. Especially on the fact that the continuation aired 2 years later! Wow, if the wait for The Day of the Doctor was agonizing (6 months), this must have been driving people to the brink of madness and death. So, anyone who watched Sherlock in it's original airtime, how did you feel when you saw this cliffhanger?

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  1. raygirl's Avatar
    Even though I've seen all episodes of Sherlock, my opinion of this doesn't really count because I didn't watch them when they originally aired (except for the second season). I will say however, that the way they decided to start the second season after the huge cliffhanger was hilarious.
  2. Strange_One's Avatar
    Should I say welcome to the party?
    So, anyone who watched Sherlock in it's original airtime, how did you feel when you saw this cliffhanger?
    "Man they really like to play with laser pointers..."

    Moffat & Gatiss are rather contemporary writers. As in even though they're quite old - they're fanboys who love to troll. It was fine enough. Twas approved in the inefficient bureaucracy of the BBC and they were successful beyond their wildest dreams.
  3. Fakessassin's Avatar
    Oh, I know the two of them love to troll, but this is really on a meta-level if you think about it. They had to go, "Hmm, we'll end it like this, if it's successful, it should take about 1 year before we can film a second season, either way, the fans are gonna go nuts over this!" *Insert villainous laughter*.
  4. Strange_One's Avatar
    If they were around here. This is where they'd :neco_arc:
  5. bahamut zero's Avatar
    Did you just say the world's worst cliffhanger?

  6. Fakessassin's Avatar
    Ah, that one. Thinking about it, they are both incredibly similar. Then again, Code Geass spiraled into this ending whereas Sherlock's just happens. I want to say that Sherlock got it worse just because Kallen could have still shot Suzaku if not for the BSODing.
  7. Strange_One's Avatar
    I hereby meh at Code Geass.
  8. Kieran's Avatar
    how did you feel when you saw this cliffhanger?
    Generally, I went "AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!" No, really.

    And Season 2's ending has been worse. Especially since they started filming late because of the actors' other commitments - do you know how much I hated knowing that I had to give up "Sherlock" for "The Hobbit" and "Star Trek into Darkness?"

    . . . Ah, well - at least I could focus on hating "The Hobbit" for it. if I'd actually liked both franchises, it would've been torture.