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Reading Tsukihime

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Finally going to go through this. The order I will be doing is Arc, The Far Side, then Ciel.

And after getting past killing Nrvnqsr, my thoughts:

  • This has a really beautiful prologue. Bless you, Aoko.
  • Arihiko greatest Type Moon bro.
  • Really visceral and classic Nasu detailed horror and fighting.
  • Interested in the lore about vampires in here. And seeing MEoDP in action is wonderful.

No wonder old timers rag on the newbies or others who haven't tried this yet. I had only read the manga and spoilered myself previously and True Ends. Yet, I'm still able to be surprised and engaged in it.


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  1. aldeayeah's Avatar
    nah, he's good as long as he steers clear of the Ciel Good End
  2. Daiki's Avatar
    Skip every routes.

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