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Is this what being old and crabby is like?

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Oh god, it's finally happening. I've reached the age where I've stopped being able to enjoy things that I used to love. The age where cruel reality finally begins to crush my idealistic hopes and dreams under its mighty boot, where funny youtube videos make me sigh instead of laugh. 'Tis horrible indeed, when I'm reduced to watching Two Best Friends Let's Playing Metal Gear Rising for hours on end, occasionally sprinkling in some all too sparse Epic Rap Battles to spice things up.

Of course, as an intro, the above paragraph is only tangentially related to the actual point of this blog:

I'm starting to lose interest in fanfiction.

Not all at once, mind you, but I've noticed it. For example, I'm finally at the point where reading shitty "X character gets X powers from X verse" fanfics fails to even slightly amuse me (sorry Spacebattles, but our short, thinly veiled relationship where I stalk you for Worm fanfics and am constantly disappointed by them has ended), and where simply by looking at the summary for a story I can already tell if it's going to be crap or not. I stopped reading Naruto fics years ago (thank goodness), and I'm slowly weaning myself off of Nasuverse fanfiction as well. This is slightly more difficult, since the Nasuverse by nature is better characterized and makes more sense than Ninjas of Love, but the dozens upon dozens of horrible "Shirou does X or is X or summons X and proceeds to curbstomp while saving Sakura and making everything right again" have helped somewhat in that regard. I estimate that by the time I'm 20 I'll have completed my transformation into a pretentious twat who refuses to read something that more than a dozen people have enjoyed.

Actually, make that 21. Freakin' Arashi and his stupid well written artsy oneshots.

In the end though, I think this is a good thing and it should have happened even sooner. Less time for fanfiction means more time for writing real fiction, which means my mediocre writing abilities might level up soon enough. Heck, by the time I'm finished with To Tame a Magus and the epilogue to LGS (if it ever happens) the four of you who read it might even notice a difference in my writing style.

Anyway, comment with how you lost faith in X. We need more rampant cynicism around here!


  1. Optimus's Avatar
    I lost faith in writing skills. A few years ago I was a total fanboy who got hyped on Fate/Stay Night and wrote terrible fanfiction yet somehow I was positive that what I wrote was better than what the author did even though it was pretty much obvious it was not.

    Now whenever I open a word doc and type something I can't help but go 'jesus man this shit I'm better off just not making peopl˝e suffer any longer let's just forget this'.
  2. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    I hit that around 20ish as well. I wrote a lot of fanfiction as a teenager, lost interest and only read occasionally, then got back into it half a decade later--only still not reading much and writing a lot more. This isn't the "oh god I'm getting old" phase. You're just getting the "oh god I'm an adult" phase. The getting old phase hits when you realize you're nostalgic and returning to something you were passionate about years before.
  3. Polly's Avatar
    It's alright, don't worry. What you're going through is called 'maturing'. I'm 20 and I have zero interest in "character X gets power Y from Z verse" fanfics too. I was never into shounen much so things like Naruto or Bleach never even peaked my interest.

    And yet, I haven't really lost interest in fanfiction; on the contrary, it seems to be on the rise ( even if the rise is more in writing fanfiction rather than reading it, but whatever ). It's just that I'm very picky with what I choose to read ( then again, I've always been picky and an elitist prick ). "In Flight" or "FFD" and other such crappy stories don't interest me, but I'm more than glad to read stuff from authors who have a solid or superb writing record and who keep posting high-quality fics. Like Arashi. Maybe it's only 10% of the total number of fics being posted, but it's better to read a small number of good fics than a large number which includes total garbage.

    Also, like you said, wasting less time reading crap you used to like as a teenager means more time to hone your own writing skills. And as you lose interest in shounen crap, you'll start coming up with more mature and original crap. Instead of writing about Shirou getting his own fairy sword or something, why not write something about a barely-mentioned characters from Tsukihime side-material and expand upon this fascinating fictional universe which we all like?

    Do not lose hope - one period of your life is coming to an end, but another one, probably even more productive, is only just beginning! /chuuni mode
  4. Neir's Avatar
    I've had a few phases of waning/waxing interest in fanfiction. It's not that weird.
  5. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus
    peopl˝e suffer any longer let's just forget this'.
    hee hee

    anyway yeah whatever read a book or something, reading is fun, writing is ok, but yeah, words! haven't lost faith in words yet
  6. I3uster's Avatar
    Dont worry, at least your interest in games and anime will never vanish.

    (hahahahaha ha ha ha haaaah

    ;_; )
  7. Daiki's Avatar
    As long as you still have the RP love within you...
  8. Ace's Avatar
    Worm fanfics suck you should have stopped looking forever ago
  9. Aiden's Avatar
    I can tell I'm an adult now because I can look back at what I did before I was twenty and go 'oh god, was I that bad?' and get a 'yes' from myself.
  10. Bloble's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Daiki
    As long as you still have the RP love within you...
    Don't worry, I'll never get tired of writing poorly written characters failing to realize that they aren't the protagonist. If fa/tg/uys can keep playing D&D until their 30s, I should be able to stick to a few RPs.

    And thanks for the advice Polly, Arashi, Opti, unimportant people.
  11. Theocrass's Avatar

  12. Vigilantia's Avatar
    If you're old then I aught to already have a pension and shoot at teens that loiter on mah lawn.

    (pumps shotgun)
  13. Petrikow's Avatar
    Don't worry everyone.

    I'm still 14 inside.
  14. mangafreak7793's Avatar
    Well it's already too late for me, my sisters often tell me I was a old by the time i hit 16 and I'm 20 now so they think I'm ancient.
  15. Five_X's Avatar
    who refuses to read something that more than a dozen people have enjoyed.
    So THIS is why you stopped reading MPII! :<
  16. Bloble's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X
    So THIS is why you stopped reading MPII! :<
    I stopped reading MPII because it is my Avalon. I shall forever pursue it and never reach it, even as it is the embodiment of my ideal.
  17. Raven2785's Avatar
    Don't let it get to you Blob, it happens to everyone and their dog.

    Have you thought that it might be simply that you're becoming more of a connoisseur of the hobby instead of losing interest in it? after a few years of being submerged in the putrescent waters of experience you begin to develop a resistance to the usual stuff and instead start searching for those few things out there that give you a small spark, some missing zest that other works are missing.

    At any rate, just know that it's probably more like you're teething rather than outright dislike for the hobby, and if it is then we have lost a big one.
  18. Nihilm's Avatar
    I had this happen with gaming, all the random FPSs suddenly stopped being fun at all and in fact a lot of games stopped being fun unless there was something that really pulled in my interest like a good story or competitive multiplayer.
  19. Laith's Avatar
    Welcome to having a better taste.

    It sucks.
  20. Elf's Avatar
    I know this boat all too well.

    Before Roadbuster got me into TypeMoon I was starting to fall out of fanfiction. My original writing was going somewhere; I even had a multi-book deal with a publishing company. It was time for me to get serious.

    Then something horrible happened. The publishing company died due to the Economy of Suck and I lost my book deal. Not surprisingly, I got horribly depressed. Then Roadbuster got me into TypeMoon and there was this delicious world to play in.

    Not to mention people were reading my stuff.

    However my original creations couldn't stay silent. Sporadically I worked on them, and then once again I got published. For real. Then again, and again. I was getting more acceptances than rejections.

    Then suddenly I find myself with a serial novel and . . . bye bye fanfic. Not to mention there's not really much I was reading. Nothing really struck me of late (except "Chaos Theory") and when there's a lack of content featuring your favorite character, why bother?