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Space Captain Katsura's Academic Blog (and more!)

My personal blog commences.

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My main intent to create this blog is to provide you with insight into my academic life, though the blog won't limit itself to such matters.

I'll start from introducing my favorite field of research. I'm MA-in-training, with ambitions to become Ph.D in the future, whose main field of interest is Legal English. I also took extracurriculum subjects related to English popular culture, because I thought I'd go bonkers if I focused on one field all the time. I'm also part of American literature club, and I will comment on it also in my future blog entries.

I'm writing MA thesis on Plain Legal English movement. My dislike of legalese and its imprecise, gibberish nature prompted me to write such a thesis. As Michele Asprey said "[s]ave Latin for your clients who are Ancient Romans". Graitutious French in Legal English should get the fuck out.


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    needs more funny
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    It can't be all fun.
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