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Fish is becoming lazier each day.

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If I could do a graph it would be y=1/x type of function, where y represents the amount of fish activity and x is the amount of time since I have been on this site. Or something.

This is not news. But I will blog about it anyway. Because it's fact.

Not sure what else to write. Am I done here? Yes? Alright then.


  1. CompositeGNFNR's Avatar
    I'd like to see that graph
  2. deviatesfish's Avatar
    It looks like an indifference curve. Cuz we indifferent to everything now.
  3. Froggie's Avatar
    I love Fishie
  4. Neir's Avatar
    fish is loved
  5. Daiki's Avatar
    I don't know about activity, but what about dropping the same avatar trend?
  6. deviatesfish's Avatar
  7. Gaia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ziodyne
    I love Fishie
    Me too! <3
  8. deviatesfish's Avatar
    I love Froggie
    I love Gaia