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Dark Love and Euphoria

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Today, I went looking on exhentai for the Rikka CGs of Kuro Ai (Dark Love) because I felt the anime didn't have enough and the ones in the anime had a red-orange color lens as I mentioned before. What I found appears to be the opposite of adaptation decay. It might have been because the anime was made much later than the game, but in some CGs, Rikka's face just looks weird. I didn't care about the other girls, so I didn't bother to look. Another game that was made into an anime by Clockup is Euphoria. There are some guro moments, so take care. I talked about this before, but why is it that characters always get a bust increase when adapting from game to anime? Not even for lolis, but basically all characters. In Euphoria, there is a girl named Nemu. She has ojou-sama eyes and the personality to match which is to my tastes (see most loli vamps), but her boobs are clearly too big for my liking. Thing is, in the original game CGs (also on exhentai), while she does have boobs, they are more... manageable, like Rin's from F/SN. A common problem adapting from game to anime is multiple routes. While a player can go through all routes, the anime must either choose one basically forsaking the fans of all the other characters or turn the anime into a weird cobbled mishmash, like the first F/SN anime. Euphoria went with the former with only 1 H-scene for Nemu and all the rest for Kanae with the entire rest of the cast killed off-screen at the end of episode 2 for apparently no reason (not counting the first girl who died, of course, who served more as the green biker guy from Megaman X-2, showing the players the seriousness of the game).


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