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All in the Golden Afternoon

Why I feel like a boss right now

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So, I'm in the Ewing building (3 stories, central location where most of my classes are) on my campus, going down the elevator, when the lights go out. I knew that it happened pretty close to where the first floor was, it would have opened a few seconds later. So what do I do? Pry open the door and step out (it wasn't all the way on the ground level but was close enough)

Hell yeah.


  1. Enhance's Avatar
    Don't do that again.
  2. Matsu's Avatar
    What was I supposed to do? Wait?
  3. Enhance's Avatar
    Yes. It's like, always rule number two after "do not put too much weight inside" of any elevator - "do not exit elevator manually" / "do not pry open the doors".

    I know stories of elevators suddenly starting/falling and splitting people in half.
    Updated December 12th, 2013 at 08:22 PM by Enhance
  4. Matsu's Avatar
    I was on the ground floor, no danger.
  5. Enhance's Avatar
    There is still a hole under ground floor for an elevator. And it could go up.
  6. Dark Pulse's Avatar
  7. CompositeGNFNR's Avatar
    Ginko. Do it anyways, how cool would it be to be known as the guy that got SPLIT IN HALF on the ground floor of an elevator shaft!