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Bad company

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Everyday there's something new to experience.
Let me share a bit about what I have experienced today, so that some of you may not repeat the same mistake.

I was working for a programming company - a little company with no contracts or legal binding (important part).
What it did was take freelancing contracts from a centralized site and give it to 2-3 developers and designers that were there. I was one of those developers, getting monthly pay for my work.

Recently, the respect and their attitude to me have shaken highly. They started giving me an environment I was feeling pressed in, so I decided to quit. After speaking with the boss, he asked me to complete the current project until first milestone. Which I did, and even more than that. I thought this was over.
Foolish me. The next day I was contacted by the boss and he started badmouthing and threatened me (physically) to work on the project until the end. Which is absurd - I don't have neither time nor will nor even the ability, and to top it off I wasn't paid for last few weeks.
Right now I'm facing an emotional breakdown as this is the first time something like this has occurred to me. If any of you do similar sort of work, make sure to stand your rights and be cautious about lawless companies.
I'm just endlessly grateful to my parents that supported me in that matter as people more experienced and provided me courage and great, powerful backup. Now here's to hoping everything ends well.


  1. Leftovers's Avatar
    It's through experiences such as these that life lessons are learned. Hope everything goes well for you man, and you're right, parental support really is invaluable.
  2. bahamut zero's Avatar
    You should have made him sign something that you would only be working on this through the first milestone :/
  3. LoyaltL's Avatar
    So you're not obligated to work for him (morally or legally) but he's threatening you into doing it? With threats like "I'll send thugs to beat you up" or something?

    Wow what a douche.
    Updated December 21st, 2013 at 04:45 PM by LoyaltL
  4. Enhance's Avatar
    Yeah, that sort of stuff.

    Anyway, it seems to have settled down. Yet again, I have no idea what I could do if it wasn't for my parents.
  5. Kelnish's Avatar
    You should have broken your bottle of vodka over his head.
  6. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Good, now call the police or your lawyer.
  7. Enhance's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kelnish
    You should have broken your bottle of vodka over his head.

    Russian vodka bottles > heads.