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I create a world of finite somethings

It was getting too long and unwieldly in that buried thread

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So I'll keep a blog post updated instead. Much simpler.

That fan stuff I do when I'm not playing TOR writing about writing, adoption, fictional knights, or girls that don't need sparkly vampire dicks to define them.

Current Projects

The Hearts of the Suffering. Ten years after the Fifth Heaven's Feel, Waver Velvet, Rin Tohsaka, and their allies seek to dismantle the Greater Grail for good. Multi-chapter action/drama. Rough estimate of 150,000+ words.
Upcoming chapters:
Cleanup - In which a mess is made clean.
Whiteout - Snow means death.
Sisters II - A team of sisters versus a team of not-sisters.
Valhalla, Home of Warriors - Where dead heroes go.
Finnish Hospitality - Luvia is rich.
Territory - A Caster dictates fate.
Within Sight - A sniper can only watch helplessly.
The Sacrifice - Where dreams die to save a life, and lives die to save more.
The White Mask - An Assassin revealed.
Blood - That which connects some and doesn't connect others.
Victim and Victimized - Where blame can no longer be placed on the victim.
Home - Escape to safety.
Knight in Red - Knights spill a lot of blood.
Four is Death - Four locations to descend.
Sisters III - Where they become three.
Saint/Winter - Holy night in winter.
Black Moon - Tonight's moon sure is nice.
A Manís Back - Bring me that horizon.
Disposer of Evil - Where justice is found.
Everything is in Her Hands - She is a sword that promises victory.
The Hearts of the Suffering - I'll slash apart such rules.
Down to Zero - "Nothing in me to replace you."

Oneshots: (Titles placeholders unless/until something better is found)
In Force. Once upon a time, an Enforcer might have fallen for an Executor. It gave her "some work-related experience" with men...
Shunkashuutou. As time passes, wounds are left to fester and consume. Tsukihime.

In Which Sion Is Misinformed About the Nature of Special Anniversary Events. Inspired by Crazy Clover Club's TM 10th Anniversary doujin. Sion tries to understand what one does at special events. Hijinks ensue. Lemon.

Arashi's Amateurish Guide to Japanese Life and Culture and How it Applies to Fanfiction. A primer on bits of culture information you might not know when reading or writing stuff set in Japan and specifically how some of it ties to writing FSN and Tsukihime fiction.

Ahnenerbe Chat. The Nasuverse on IRC.

Just Add Dragons. Shirou managed to Rule Breaker Saber before confronting Dark Sakura. Now some months later, the two of them are always awkward with one another and Sakura has had enough. Saber x Shirou x Sakura / Saber Alter x Shirou x Dark Sakura pwp.

Trespasses. Oneshot lemon. Akiha is really messed up in the head. On hold until I can get something really fluffy to counteract its dark.

Finished Multi-Chapter Projects

Escaping Fate. Action/Drama. Shirou saves a life; that life, for good or for ill, desires to make him earn the status of "ally of justice." About how the lives Shirou saves may redeem him in the end. Post-Fate. Shirou x Saber implicit, optional lemon Shirou x Rin or Shirou x Sakura. ~80,000 words.

Death and Justice. Action. On board a ship in the Sea of Japan, Kiritsugu Emiya and Kiri Nanaya come across a ceremony of violence. ~19,000 words.

Fate/Far Side. Drama/Romance. After the Holy Grail War, Shirou ends up in Misaki, bumping into an energetic maid. When invited to stay at the Tohno household, he discovers the darkness lurking just beneath the surface while revealing the lights he now carries within him. Divided into three routes centered on Hisui, Akiha, and Kohaku respectively. Lemon content. ~110,000 words.

Shared Resonance of Possession Experience. Drama/Romance. Shirou is on the run from the Association when they learn he is in control of a Reality Marble. Sion is on the run from Atlas and the Church when they learn she is turning into a vampire. The two meet by chance and fate takes the wheel. Post-UBW True. Lemon content. ~25,000 words + 5,000 words of omake.

What I See. Drama. Rin Tohsaka is presented with caring for a doomed Shiki Tohno. Post-HF True, Post-Arc True. ~25,000 words.

Went Left, Mind Flayers. Action/Comedy. Both Shiki and Shirou's high schools share a senior trip destination. Unfortunately, that destination is into the home of a crazed magi and his demonic aberrations. When separated from the rest, Arihiko, Ayako, Shinji, Satsuki, and Issei must somehow band together to survive a land of horrors. Post-Ciel True, Post-UBW True. ~37,000 words.

Finished Oneshots

Fading Rays and Cresting Mountains. Drama. I cannot determine the meaning of sorrow that fills my breast. Two different revisions as well. ~1000 words.

Outside Grace. Dramedy. Rin and Shinji talk post-UBW. ~1000 words.

Faker of the Rings. Crack script. The FSN cast interprets the story of The Lord of the Rings. ~1500 words.

Moon Wars. Crack script. The Tsukihime cast interprets the story of the original Star Wars trilogy. ~3000 words.

Fate/stay away. Drama/Romance. Shirou summons Saber Alter instead for the Fate scenario. Lemon. ~11,000 words.

A Very Dere Christmas. WAFF. Saber Alter fluff. ~2000 words.

In All Things. WAFF. "September, 2000. I met her." ~2000 words.
Now that a Q&A with Nasu reveals that Mikiya named Mana, I may rewrite this.

I Am Not There. Drama. Nobody knew what happened for sure. The township remembered the storm that had raged through their countryside. He remembered the divine wind of their savior. Post-Fate. Entry for BL 2012 fanfic contest. ~7000 words.

Shion Means "Remembrance". Drama. To delay or halt the use of Blood Fort on the school, Issei and Rider come to an accord. ~4000 words.

Disquieting Mercy. Action. A young Kirei Kotomine and other Church Executors lead Arcueid Brunestud to the doorstep of Roa #17. ~4000 words.

Your Shadow Sleeps, Kyrie Eleison. Oneshot songfic. Caren muses on a memory only she can recall. Bit of a lead-up to The Hearts of the Suffering. ~1000 words.

Warm Seasons. Drama. The seasons pass, and he writhes in the darkness. Far Side. ~1000 words.

Sever and Bind. Drama. Saber considers her hatred for one particular person. ~2000 words.

Snow Bunnies. Dramedyish. Christmas with Taiga Fujimura and those she considers family. ~4000 words.

Afterlife Return
. Action/Drama. The dead do not return, but they still haunt the living. Ryougi combats a part of what she has lost, controlled by the last family connected to her past. Set between Overlooking View and Paradox Spiral. 2014 Fanfiction contest entry. ~6000 words.

Boundary of the Matrix. Crack script. Rakkyo cast with The Matrix. ~1500 words.

Finished PWP

Fate Heroines:
Didn't Even Make It (to the Onsen) On vacation with Rin.
Didn't Even Make It (to the Hospital) After Saber battles Caster.
Didn't Even Make It (to the End of the Movie) A promised date with Sakura.
Didn't Even Make It (to the Mission Briefing) On a mission with Caren.
Didn't Even Make It (to the Festival) Illya wants to go have fun.

Rin Tohsaka's Guide to Prana Recharging. Shinji admits to a problem that Rin and Archer are forced to help him solve. Archer x Rider x Shinji and Archer x Rin x Shinji. ~4000 words.

Saber Alter Valentines Day eroge with art by Tusia.

And Then Rin Messed Up. Shirou has a bad day, so Rin decides to try and make it up for him. Hijinks ensue. ~5000 words.

Hidden Option. Ayako and Shirou pwp, for no other reason than UBW anime dun gud. ~10,000 words.

Cold and Hot. Fate/Grand Order. Vive la France. ~2500 words.

Serene Chaldea. Fate/Grand Order. Poison me, baby. ~4000 words.

Tsuki Heroines:
Arc Goes to School Again (But Not Really). Shiki's class has a school festival to oversee, and Arc wants in on the fun. ~3000 words.
Sing Along. Shiki and Ciel on Valentines Day. ~4000 words.
Gentlemen, the Yellow King, Queens in White, and a Black Cat. An assassin, a washboard, and a cat walk into a theater... ~7000 words.


Kiri Nanaya as Einzbern secret weapon?

Shiki is stalked by something.

Shirou doesn't kill someone.

Aoko and Soujuurou are awkward.

The Seihai Champion Shooter Series.

Gilgamesh talks with ORT.


Small Miracles. Puella Magi Madoka Magica drama oneshot. On curses and wishes. A revision has been added.

The Sound of Flowers. PMMM x ??? oneshot. Real magic is in the mundane miracles.

Hibakusha's Wish. PMMM drabble. "Write a short story about an original magical girl facing Walpurgisnacht." Winner of the Church of Madoka Facebook page contest.

Dirge Without Music. RWBY. Monty Oum tribute.

Future and Possible Projects

Pinnacle of Night, Horizon of Dreams. Post-Fate vignettes of Shirou pursuing his dream.

Another project with Tusia, this time something extremely silly and not Saber-centric.

Arcadian Dreams. Shiki Tohno is drawn into a different world by a blonde spirit. No, not that one. Secret Technique: Fate/Far Side Upside-Down Reversal.

Straying and Staying. Shiki and Ciel want to live a normal life. Shirou and Rin live anything but. Their unhappy fates may lead them to each other. Post-Ciel True, Post-UBW True.

Untitled Puella Magi Madoka Magica story. If the TV series is Faust and Rebellion is Paradise Lost, then go Divine Comedy? Homura is exposed to the worst her world has brought and longs for the best she can never have.

Untitled Accel World story. The Kings of Color defeated, Level 10 is achieved, but what world is left to Haruyuki as the game ends? Basically my Accel World version of a D.Gray-man fic I adore.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep. SAO thing about Sleeping Knights. Maybe.

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  1. Neir's Avatar
    I'm still looking forward to Just Add Dragons
  2. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    I've got the lead up and both afterwards done, I'm just, I dunno, trying to figure out something different to do with the actual meat of it all.

  3. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Arashi-written Semiramis? Looking forward to it.
  4. Tikigod784's Avatar
    Have you thought about making a sequel to "and then Rin messed up?" Not (just) because I want more porn, but because stories set at the clock tower are interesting to me. I like the setting, if not most of the background characters.
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    just add dragons when