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All in the Golden Afternoon

My First Article Can't Possibly Be This... Good?

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The theatre program is gearing up for their first production, “Columbinus”, which is about the 1999 Columbine shootings
and was written by Stephen Karam. It is scheduled to premiere in April.

This show is being directed by Dr. Noah Lelek, a relative newcomer to the Delta State campus. Lelek, while a new
professor on campus, has worked various jobs before, including teaching at a prison. Prior to coming to Delta State, Lelek worked at Storycatchers Theatre in Chicago.

“In my directing, I like to push an audience with the content I present to them. I feel it’s important for an audience
to attend and appreciate diverse forms of theatre and performance. It's important to see life from a different person's perspective” Lelek stated.

“For most of us,” he continues, “the shooters seem so far removed from our lives, but I think empathy is one of the
ways we approach people who are different from us. How can we show each other love, care, and concern so that maybe these events won’t happen in the future?”

This play holds a special place for Lelek, who was in high school at the time, and he remembers that day like it was
yesterday, much like 9/11.

For those interested, the production will be April 21st – 24th from 7:30 – 9:30. Attendees are encouraged by Lelek
to “engage in a discussion about how we can make some positive changes in how we communicate with each other and how to stop bullying and school violence.” He has done work on issues regarding bullying in the past.

So, I changed my major to journalism and am working for the campus paper. Had my first article due Friday, this is it... Not bad? I mean, ignoring the fact that it's a musical rendition of a tragedy.

I'm the photographer and distributer, but I still am required one article per week to get the grant money- photog and distribution pays like a normal job. I think this turned out pretty well...

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  1. Kat's Avatar
    Are there any requirements how long your articles should be on average?
  2. Matsu's Avatar
    1 and a half - 2 pages. With formatting, this was one and a half. Since I'm only writing articles out cuz it's required, I doubt I'll be getting a feature story anytime soon- which is just fine with me XD