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Completely Random Video Game Stuff

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Yes, I play video games, much like 90% of males under the age of 20, and 50% over. Yes, I pretty much pulled those numbers out of my ass. No, the ass-pulls will never end. Yes, you should probably get an umbrella.

Now, video games. This time I'm heading straight to the point, with no more meandering introductory paragraphs to muddle things up. It's an hour and a half after midnight and my brain can't deal with any more fancy language.

I kinda like video games. I guess. I'm sure most of BL likes video games, or at least one video game. The whole 'is a Visual Novel a video game or an illustrated choose-your-own-adventure book' debate is something I ain't touching with a ten foot pole'. I'd certainly call FS/N more of a video game than Gone Home, but that's not the purpose of this poorly written blog post. No, it's really just me deciding on a whim that the world must know my video game preferences.

My list of favourite video games of the last year or so is pretty small, though, since I've been playing them less and less as I have less time to spare on interesting and fun stuff. I'm sure you people can sympathize. Still, might as well share the aforementioned list so all my creepy stalkers can giggle and post it on their creepy walls in their creepy rooms. Thinking about it, having internet stalkers would probably be cool until they found out my real identity and started sending me creepy stuff in the mail. Anyway, keep in mind that not all of these are exactly new games. It's simply stuff I've played and enjoyed recently.

In no particular order:

1. Ghost Trick
2. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
3. La Mulana (This one's also on my most hated games list)
4. Devil May Cry (The original, not the reboot)
5. 999
6. Hearthstone (you finally made P2W appealing, Blizzard. Congrats)
7. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
8. Planescape: Torment (for the hipster crowd)
9. Black Mesa
10. Monster Girl Quest (of COURSE)

So yeah. Monster Girl Quest for Game of the Year. Now tell me how my taste is shit.


  1. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    How is that shit taste? MGQ3 had like one of the best stories a game had.

    But yeah. I empathize with the whole not enough time to game thing going on there with you.
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    You should try being a NEET, your game time will increase significantly.
  3. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Ghost Trick

    confirmed for superior taste bro

    plus dat MGRR and DMC in that list makes me smile
  4. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Sorry your taste is shit
  5. Kelnish's Avatar
    Yeah, your taste is too weeb to be good. Also hearthstone is objectively bad and you should feel bad.
  6. Bloble's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Some Guy
    Sorry your taste is shit
    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Some Other Guy
    Yeah, your taste is too weeb to be good. Also hearthstone is objectively bad and you should feel bad.
    Yeah, I'll freely admit you're right here. I never really got into the whole 'cinematic' thing, and most western games just don't hold any appeal for me. Tried playing Mass Effect, didn't really get past the Citadel. Halo 4 was meh. Oblivion and Skyrim have the worst combat, although Shivering Isles was fun. Last one I remember playing and liking was the Prototype a while back. The Crysis games were fun too, as is anything by Valve, the Half Life and Portal games in particular. Oh, and I liked Resistance 3. That's about it.