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IRUn's House of Whatever

Trauma Center (Un)Official DLC: ItsaRandomPatientUnderThe Knife Part 5 - RoboMod Hungers for Flesh

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So according to the young gun of a bonesaw I have, I'm now ready to eat sustenance that doesn't need to be drunken through a straw or put through the blender umpteen times until it's ready to be consumed. Things're looking up!

Still can't help myself to bacon, though. There is no God. /jk lord almighty, you're fine


  1. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Translation: "I want you to kill me."

    IRUN, no. z3.1 is in two months mang
  2. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Mushroom soup is still good, then.
  3. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    I'm experiencing a terrible sense of deja vu.
  4. Kat's Avatar
    Poor IRUN
  5. Gaia's Avatar
    Bacon milkshake, maybe?

    Seriously speaking, I hope you'll get better soon!