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Trauma Center (Un)Official DLC: ItsaRandomPatientUnderThe Knife Part 4 - This Blogpost Should Have Been Posted Days Ago/Cooking with RoboMod

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So I wanted to update this particular blog series on what would have been something like a semi-regular basis. Then around the day following the day after my last post I suffered a massive nausea spell drenched in a hot steaming pile of NOPE. With it went pretty much all motivation I had for basically everything, it was that bad.

Anyway, how am I doing? There's no pain, the swelling's down 99%, I no longer have to eat meals solely through a straw, and half of my face is still numb even after all this time. Lost a lot of weight, too. Interestingly, I'm usually plagued with chronic acne, but since I've been going through the process levels have been at their lowest since I've been in middle school, so I'll take that as a sign that I should make lasting changes to my diet for the sake of my health.

All in all, could be way worse.

Switching gears for a spell, here. Anyone up for a recipe for liquid soul food? It's remarkably easy to put together and not at all mind-blowingly disgusting like it could have been! No photos of myself making it, though, because I'm not the damn Food Network/forgot that I'm supposed to take pictures of stuff like this to make compelling blogs:

1. Take pizza, any toppings, leftover or hot and fresh. Cut it into bits using your slicing instrument of choice.
2. Combine with V8 in your favorite blender, enough to completely immerse the pizza cuttings.
3. Add hot sauce. Or don't. You don't have to listen to me, I'm not your mother.
4. Blend until smooth. If lumpy, add more V8 to thin out the mixture.
5. Warm it up on stovetop or in microwave, because that shit's nasty when cold. Maybe. I dunno, I've not tried it like that because if I wanted to eat cold soup I'd make myself gazpacho.

Voila! Pizza soup! The trick is to combine complementary flavors together. Also? Burrito + Margarita Mix + Chicken/Beef Stock all in a blender = Perfection.


  1. ratstsrub's Avatar
    ...Honestly, that sounds disgusting.

    No wonder you got nauseous.
  2. Lycodrake's Avatar
    IRUn has surrendered to blender food.
  3. LJ3's Avatar
    Jesus, IRUN, don't do that to yourself.
  4. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    It's not wrong if I think it's delicious.
  5. Kat's Avatar
    Why did you get the operation in first place, if I may ask? Did you have an accident?
  6. ZidanReign's Avatar
    IRUN, I feel for you.

    Please get better
  7. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceCaptainKatsura
    Why did you get the operation in first place, if I may ask? Did you have an accident?
    Preemptively fixing a growth problem before it became worse in the future. Chewing became less comfortable as time went on, so it had to be done sooner or later.
  8. Kat's Avatar
    Some potential cancer material?
  9. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Just bones growing in the wrong direction because my body can't tell left from right. Nothing as serious as that, fortunately.
  10. Kat's Avatar
    How old are you that you are still growing?
  11. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Just a twenty-two year old spring chicken. Sometimes folks don't stop growing once and for until they're well into their mid-twenties. Anyway, it was decided that the surgery would be done when I stopped growing, so that's why it happened when it did.
  12. Kat's Avatar
    I went from 176 cm to 183 cm after I finished high school in 19. I probably stopped now, though.