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All in the Golden Afternoon

An eMail that I just sent to my editor.

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Good Evening, *insert name here*

Okay, so, I got the photos of the Confidant reading, and have done the interview with Mallory, as well as one with theeditor-in-chief of Confidant herself. Whose would you prefer I write about?

Also, today was career day. I don't know if you knew about it, or had any plans of a story on it, but I got some photographs anyway. I'll send them, along with the one's of the Confidant staff. Since this client has a limit to how much data may be sent in one eMail, I will, once again, send them in parts. This first one will be of the Confidant award ceremony. The first is a group photograph, the one's following it are one's from each individual student, reading their prize winning piece(s), with the last one being their faculty advisor (I believe). Personally, I like the first the most, but, I suppose it really isn't my call. If you require names of individual students, I can get those as well.

Haven't managed to get the photos of the Women of Ireland event, or the student success center, namely because neither event has happened yet. I have, however, eMailed the person in charge of the Celtic Performance about my photographing the people during dress rehearsal, and am currently waiting on a reply. Also, that student success center event... What is it? All you wrote was "Student success center -> photo christy riddle contact", which is pretty vague. But contact her I did- went to her office, got a calender schedule of the events of next month... Which event do you require a photograph of?

Ah, also, when do you want the interview/article with either Confidant person? I'd assume it would be by Friday, as per the usual deadline, but, seeing as this week is a bit special, what with the trip and all, I doubt that I would have had to have everything into you by Friday had I attended the trip regardless.

Also, regarding the papers this morning, after putting a bundle in the Union, I moved on to the other buildings on campus, planning on saving Union for last. After getting ever building, it was time for class, so I went up there... To find the door locked and no one present, so I am assuming that it was canceled, despite the trip being kinda sorta canceled. After that, I went onto my next class, and, after that, attended the confidant event. Once that ended, there was a downpour, so I couldn't well bring in the old stacks left from last week, or the remnants of a bundle that I opened, but I did manage to get one that was kept packed and stayed dry up to the office. The point of that is that I will get the old copies and the rest of the remaining bundle up to the office tomorrow, but also, after bringing the sacked, dry bundle up to the office, I noticed that the bundle which had been placed in the Union was no longer there. Moreover, the papers seem to have distributed themselves. Did you do this? Please note that, had you left them alone, they would have been distributed properly after my classes for the day, and the event that you had me cover.
If you are, in fact, not the person who distributed the bundle in Union, a bit hard to believe given the passive aggressive scowl that adorned your face when you passed me in Ewing, 3rd floor, a third of a stack of papers in your hand, no doubt taking them to the third floor because you assumed, I assume, that I did not think to do so (I did, by the by), than you have my most sincere and humblest of apologies.

Ah, one more thing... I would appreciate it if you would talk to me if you see that I am not doing something to your liking, rather than attempting to use Ms. Roberts as a middle man between you and I. If you have grievances to air, I'd ask that you air them. If you have something to say, I'd ask that you say it. If something is wrong, I'd ask you to not pretend that everything is ok with small talk before dismissing me when I try and engage in conversation. It is, of course, your call, however, I feel that, were you to do so, things would go a lot more smoothly between the two of us, something which I, for one, would welcome.

Best Regards,
*insert full name here*

The Delta Statement, school paper for Delta State University, of which I am in attendance. I am a staff writer, the chief photographer, and distributer. Although, for how much longer I shall retain said positions, I am not sure... Not sure if worth or not, but I feel pretty damn good right about now.