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Mahjong, Loli, and Gaming (with a hint of yandere)


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So fucking tired, but not too tired to talk about mahjong.

The sole match I had today:

Went alright overall, although I once again failed to trust my initial judgement of a tile and paid for it.

"Hmmm. No red dragons in the discard pools, he's in riichi, doesn't seem to need pins or sous. Wat do wit dis red dragon?"

....shouldn't have pitched it.

Anyway, that aside, I did decently enough. Still learning to play defensively. Goddamn is it hard sometimes. You get a good hand going, all of it set up juuuust right, then someone riichi's and you throw it all away to make sure you don't get fucking ronned off of.

So much sadz. ;_;
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  1. MZeroX's Avatar
    eh, the real problem for defensive play isn't the declared tenpai by riichi hands, but rather those damaten hands that just happen to still have enough yaku to blast it to a limit hand. those are the scary ones. though your point still stands that *damn this hand is gonna be so beautiful, i can't wa--FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF*