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How much remembering do you do each day? What amount of remembering do you feel is a reasonable amount for the average day?

Do you prefer to remember new things or old things, or do you just hate remembering altogether and try to never remember things? What was the last thing you remembered?

Updated March 22nd, 2014 at 05:39 PM by Totenkopf



  1. Kelnish's Avatar
    I remember how to tie my shoes. It's pretty good.
  2. Totenkopf's Avatar
    I dont think muscle-memory counts in this situation.
  3. Kelnish's Avatar
    Intellectually. I remember intellectually.
  4. Ratman's Avatar
    I keep refreshing the old childhod memories, and ones older than a few years. I selectively search for good stuff, which has the sideeffect of always feeling like shit about what's currently happening.

    Aside from particular information, I do a lot of visual remembering how stuff looks. And voices too, when I remember what was said, I remember it mainly by tone.
  5. Totenkopf's Avatar
    Excellent, so how many times a day would you say that happens on average?
  6. Ratman's Avatar
    At least once during the day and another time before going to sleep - even if I am part-time jobbing.

    In the event that I draw or make other stuff, always a few active sessions of trying recalling shit.

    And NEETlife kinda gives you a lot of free time to spend on yourself, this is included in that. It's why NEETs are hella into meditating and lucid dreaming.
    Updated March 23rd, 2014 at 03:56 PM by Ratman