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Life Philosophy

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<@I3uster> im listening to nyanners kyun vampire girl cover
<@I3uster> jesus she actually has a deep voice
<@I3uster> this is disturbing
<Leo> she
<@I3uster> all my hopes and optimism gone
<!Katie> i've had sayonara rolling star on loop for a while now
<!Katie> oh boy
<@Spinach> the question is which voice comes naturally for her
<@I3uster> gonna wash out weeb music with something else before i go to sleep
<Petrikow> his smile and optimism: gone
<@I3uster> or i might dream of being a cute girl again and wake up depressed
<@Spinach> >play tera for 18 hours
<@Spinach> >sleep
<@Spinach> >dream I am the elin
<@Spinach> >wake up
<@Spinach> crushing sadness
<Petrikow> learn lucid dreaming
<!Katie> roris
<!Katie> roris
<!Katie> roris
<Petrikow> be the little girl
<Petrikow> star in fatalpulse doujins
<@I3uster> even in lucid dreaming you wont know what the pleasure of being cummed inside feels like
<@Spinach> half my dreams would be fatalpulse rapefests and the other half would be me wearing frilly clothes
<@I3uster> sadfrog.jpg
<Petrikow> your mind will conjure the pleasure of being cummed inside
<Petrikow> you must believe
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  1. Kelnish's Avatar
    banned from regalia status Q.Q
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    And you stay at the back of the bus.
  3. ratstsrub's Avatar
    What I read when I see IRC Logs:

    Person1: out of context stuff
    Person1: continued..
    Person1: continued..
    Person1: continued..
    Person2: continued..
    Person3: continued..
    Person1: end.

    How riveting.
  4. ZidanReign's Avatar
    the undying love of irc and cocks
  5. Neir's Avatar
    you could always have a gay guy cum inside you, you know.
  6. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
  7. Kat's Avatar
    ^^Not exactly gay, but I can volunteer.