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Celebrating Spinach's 10000th post

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Prove that you're not racist.
Would a racist have a black best friend?

Context: After getting into an argument about his own alleged racism, Spinach is asked to provide proof that he is not a racist and pulls out the classic "one of my best friends is black" arguments, with a picture appended.

Tyrone is made of plastic.


  1. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Your dry wit is very charming.
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    I'm very proud of this post
  3. Katie's Avatar
    He looks super real to me!
  4. Petrikow's Avatar
    Just because someone is made of plastic does not mean they are not real.

    Taking such a stance is very prejudicial.
  5. SeiKeo's Avatar
  6. Nihilm's Avatar
    My plastic black friend can't be this cute
  7. bahamut zero's Avatar
    Spinach is white?
  8. Neir's Avatar
    this is all a very Good Job
  9. Gaia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bahamut zero
    Spinach is white?
    No. He's green.
  10. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Plot Twist: Spinach is Tyrone's Realdoll.
  11. Vigilantia's Avatar
    Plot Twist: Spinich is the black guy in the pic.
  12. Kat's Avatar
    Plot Twist: Spinach is a wigger.
  13. Daiki's Avatar
    Spin quality