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Red Melon releases 4th Melty Blood AACC 1.07 NEXT series combo movie

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So I decided to start posting about Melty Blood, as I already write for MeltyBrasil. However I'll post here only the more important news as translating to english everytime is a little too much on me. Also please have in mind that english is not my first language. Well, that will be my intro here, yoroshiku.


For those who don't know, Red Melon is a player's nick and the name of his channel on NicoVideo, which has been uploading Melty Blood content for a while now, like tournaments and more. This is the same guy that's organizing Melty Blood Transcendental Orchestra, the most recent Melty Blood major event going on in Japan. His combo movies, that count with the contribution of other players, always stand out for cool combos in a good edit quality. The fourth combo of the NEXT series, which is the second series already, was released 3 days ago. You see it here (NicoVideo, requires account) at 60fps or here (YouTube), at 30fps.

To see more of his videos, check his channel on NicoVideo or search for Red Melon in melty V compiler on YouTube.

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  1. Spinach's Avatar
    The number of melty enthusiasts here is.astonishingly low. That said, Red Melons videos are fun to watch.
  2. Mcjon01's Avatar
    I play Melty Blood exclusively to understand Nasu's references to Melty Blood, after which I immediately shut it down until next time. No fights, training mode for life.
  3. Spinach's Avatar
    How do you get the references if you never do arcade mode???
  4. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Because mostly he just references attacks and pieces of voice acting. Nasu doesn't care about the story. (Except for Mecha Hisui.)
  5. Spinach's Avatar
    Did you do mech Hisui's route?
  6. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Obviously. I needed to pin down when each model first showed up and when they entered mass production, after all.
  7. Spinach's Avatar
    Can you PM that info over to me?